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The Guardian Issue #25

Welcome to Issue 25 of The Guardian. I'll be your host Wolf Pup #4768. I'm a student of The Guardian Academy (TGA) ready to bring you all the latest news from the ecosystem.

There will be 3 sections:

  1. Live To Learn, Give To Earn

  2. Events

  3. "On Chain" and Medallion Updates and Rewards

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Inside The Den

The Guardian is focused on official TGA-specific updates. For news, updates, and member-run events be sure to check out Inside The Den. Dwayne does a great job of organizing and reporting news from around the web 3 world that impacts TGA members and the team with his Inside The Den brand.

Let's dive in.

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We’re getting ready to flip the switch on the next phase of the new TGA Roll-out. Here’s what you need to do and how to stay on top of everything:

  1. Subscribe here. This will be the home of the most powerful and applicable written content. We will use this substack to lay out a path to become healthier, wealthier and wiser without compromising who you are. Paragraph has been great to us - but to handle the scale that is coming we need to migrate the important stuff to a more reliable service. 

  2. Part of the new structure will be doubling down on highlighting the creative, talented and skilled members of the Guardian Academy. If you believe you are highly skilled at something or know someone in the Guardian Academy that is, let us know right here.

  3. Be sure you are subscribed to the following platforms that best match your preferred learning and consumption style

    1. TGA Twitter for updates, teasers and community.

    2. TGA Instagram for one-liners, short clips and lifestyle stuff.

    3. TGA Youtube for long form video.

    4. TGA Podcast for long form audio.

  4. EVENT

The Guardian Event is July 21 and 22 in Phoenix. We have some incredible guests coming to hang out, collaborate and share wisdom. Guardians, your ticket is free - please RSVP so we get an accurate headcount. Wolfpack Leader/Silver medallion holders remember: you get one free event ticket.

You can use it whenever you’d like. If you want to do your capstone as a presentation, we recommend using a Guardian event to do so, but that’s entirely up to you. 

The new structure is designed to help as many people step into their full potential as possible by helping them master the mundane (handle their financial situation) and provide opportunities for exposure, proximity and collective momentum.

The current structure of "Inside the Guardian Academy” will remain the same for now. You can see the video on the current structure here:

Live To Learn, Give To Earn

There are many talented individuals within TGA share your skills or that of someone you know

Are You Using Social Media Or Is It Using You?

Check out the clip with Scott and Laurel as they discuss how to put your authentic self more in front of your audience without having to rely on tricks.

3 Simple Questions With Massive Impact

Do you have a framework that you use to evaluate how people see your "stuff"? Your sales pages, your welcome, your thank you emails, your delivery, etc. If not check this out here.

Do You Know Yourself?

When your rhythm is thrown off what do you end up doing? Check out how Jake handled his most recent change to his routine.


Gentle reminder for the day.

Don't Discount Your Own Greatness

Everyone has something to share, what you believe might be "small" might actually be the key to solving someone else's problems.


Guardian Event

Next week is almost here! Who's going to be there?

We love special guests, don't you?


You are your own guide. You are your own guard.

Live to learn. Give to earn.

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Until next time! Stay #WOLFISH TGA