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The New TGA

The Guardian Academy (TGA) continues to roll out phase 2 updates. Let's explore what they are and what they mean.

What Is It?

Is the Guardian Academy a Web3 project?

Yes and No.

The real power of Web 3 is in the technology and potential for divergent, unique, and innovative thinking. TGA is committed to improving the human experience and focused on blockchain solutions that can contribute positively.

The knowledge vault, syllabus, and social channels do not require experience in Web 3. But then again, why should they? TGA free resources are meant to help as many people as possible and build a strong brand affinity without the barrier of entering the blockchain. In time, we expect the masses to become more comfortable with blockchain, Web 3, and the process of participating. When that happens they will be welcomed into the Web 3 components of TGA with open arms.

The sooner people realize how blockchain tech and Web 3 tools can improve their human experience, the sooner it gets adopted for reasons that have tangible benefits (utility).

A Meaningful Brand

The Guardian Academy team and Guardians share a collective belief; we should be striving to have a positive impact, not just on our members but on the people that interact with in their every day lives.

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This mission shapes our knowledge vault through the Guardian Capstone contributions and our forthcoming social media strategy. To be clear: we love Web 3 as much as anyone and Web 3 enthusiasts are welcome, but to limit the impact to Web 3 enthusiasts only would be doing a disservice to the entire industry.

Human Stuff, Web3 Stuff, and The Intersection

Imagine a Venn Diagram:

The left represents people interested in improving their lives and potentially the lives of others; human stuff. The right side represents Web 3 enthusiasts, those who believe very strongly in the future of the blockchain; Web 3 stuff. The intersection in the middle is the Web 3 enthusiasts that also feel strongly about improving the human experience.

TGA is building a world for all three.

The human stuff can be found for free without requiring any blockchain assets, just peruse YouTube, listen to the podcast, and participate on Twitter.

The blockchain stuff is powered by the Guardian Academy Medallions. Take your journey on-chain, off-chain, or both. This newsletter, for example, can be subscribed to via email or via connecting your wallet.

Speaking Of This Newsletter...

The Guardian will adopt a new structure to eliminate confusion for those on different journeys. The "human stuff" will be sent out just like it always has been, with a heavy focus on being as useful and entertaining as possible to everyone.

There will be a separate section, at the bottom of each issue that is token gated. This section will contain all the "Web 3 stuff" related to presales, launches, NFT, and medallion updates. This prevents those without a medallion from getting overwhelmed by medallion benefits.

Bridging The Gap

We believe the greatest benefits for Web 3 enthusiasts and humans, in general, come from making it easier, safer, and less intimidating to dabble in Web 3. With the help of The Success Finder, Sequence Wallet, and Collabland we've been building a custom onboarding experience for TGA.

The Success Finder allows for a discord-type environment without the risk of fake profiles, unsolicited messages, and other risk factors that others are not prepared for when they first come into the space.

The Sequence Wallet has been both communicative and helpful in making in rebuilding a smoother onboarding process into both DeFi and into the new Success Finder platform through token-gating.

So what is the Guardian Academy?

It's a human project built on the blockchain. Take what is useful, leave what is not.

Live to Learn. Give to Earn.