2/12/3 - The Itinerant Weekly - #34

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A look at the latest in cutting-edge graphics/VR capabilities; how your mind can make you physically ill, or physically more resilient – it’s up to you; why investors should be on alert following this latest rally; startup plans to de-extinct the dodo bird; new scientific study suggests romantic love can become an addiction; leading crypto VC, Pantera Capital paints a picture of what’s ahead; legendary VC Bill Gurley shares tips about how to not miss the next Google; and VC awaits the SEC’s next ruling as they consider greater regulation.

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[Product]Hacking Reality in Unreal Engine 5

  • Its hard to believe this is computer generated. Imagine what the level of detail and quality will be like in 50 years.

#TransformativeTechnologies #VirtualReality

[video, 12:24] - The Mind-Body Connection: Is Your Brain Making You Sick? | Eckhart Tolle  

  • Our state of mind can greatly affect our physical and mental well-being and how the practice of being present in the moment, through awareness and acceptance, can lead to improved health. Eckhart shares how our thoughts and emotions can create stress and contribute to illness, and how embracing the present moment through mindfulness can help alleviate these negative effects.

 #LIFE #MentalHealth

[Article, 5 min] – Investor Alert: Earnings Recession Forming?  

  • Most notable is how the next 3 quarters are showing negative earnings growth when +10% earnings growth is the norm during bullish times…Wall Street is usually behind the curve at the onset of a new recession. And thus estimates being cut by 20% or more may still be on the way. That negative outcome is most certainly not priced into stocks at this time and points to the potential for much more serious downside ahead… Powell was decidedly more hawkish after last Friday's strong employment report which showed far too much wage inflation.

 #MacroEconomics #Recession

[Article, 2 min] – De-Extinction Startup Raises $150M To Bring Back The Dodo

  • Colossal Biosciences raised a $150 million Series B to further its de-extinction platform that could bring back the Dodo bird and the woolly mammoth.

#ExpandingHorizons(STEM) #De-Extinction

[Article, 15 min] – In the Brain, Romantic Love is Basically an Addiction

  • Besotted lovers express all four of the basic traits of addiction: craving, tolerance, withdrawal, and relapse. 

#LIFE  #Love #Addiction

[Article, 20 min] - The Year Ahead | Pantera Capital

  • Annual look-ahead from successful crypto-fund, Pantera capital. Their perspective: Looking back, 2022 was probably the biggest year of upheaval in crypto history…and the worst is likely behind us.

 #TransformativeTechnologies #Crypto #Web3

[video, 6:04] -  Investing Lessons Learned from Missing Google in 2002 | Bill Gurley

  • All investors must work within the framework “strong opinions, loosely held” because there are many many variables, they’re all dynamic none are constant. And the minute you set a hard rule, you might be setting yourself up for a mistake….There’s a reality in venture that you can only lose 1x your money, and in a case like google you make 10,000x your money. That asymmetric result means in a challenging decision situation like that, you have to bias positive because the odds are ridiculous.

#AlternativeInvestments #InvestmentStrategy

[Article, 5 min] - Venture World Watches As SEC Moves To Regulate Industry

  • SEC started looking at adding regulations around how private investors… would also open the door for LPs to push litigation against an investor if proper due diligence was not followed in a completed deal — something VCs have not had to worry about before….FTX really opened the floodgates here.”… While the SEC is normally associated with the public market, the amount of money and investors in venture make it ripe for regulation.

#AlternativeInvestments #VC #Regulation