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Next Steps

  1. Network States already exist

  2. It’s the Interfaces that are missing

  3. RWA onchain is likely the next leap.

With initiatives like City of Praxis and what not, there is this idea of needing to create a network state and what’s missing is a physical place. That’s what will make Network States a reality. I think that’s the wrong framing. A physical location is just one of many possible interfaces. We can build others and we can build them fast. We don’t need to wait for something as grand as City of Praxis.

Network states are your online communities. Nothing more and nothing less. The whole point is they exist in a non-physical plane. Which give us unique characteristics that we can and should take advantage of. For example, the lines/boarders are mental not physical. Whether that’s by the game you play, the faction in the game or your even your philosophical ideology. These are different borders and as real as any national border in the physical world. You can be a part of many different network states. Just like you can have more than 1 passport.

Giving them a physical place is just one interface. A way for your online community to interact with the real world. The question is what are other possible interactions? Real World Assets seems obvious and is a big unlock to accelerate crypto. Imagine your online WoW guild was earning Eth. And used that to buy and store a bunch of houses around the world in Gnosis safes, accessible to guild members. Imagine that world. I don’t know about you but I get an adrenaline of excitement thinking about all the possible implications.

There’s also the community dashboard. Like the central bank publishing macro economic data about a country. This dashboard would give real time info about things the community/network state cares about. What about that dashboard being connected to smart contracts that execute real world actions? We’re in starting to enter DAO territory. These boundaries between online communities, DAOs and Network States I expect will become blurred over time. Conceptually they refer to similar concepts. Remember, Network states don’t replace physical states, they redefine them. As the interfaces increase, this will become more obvious.

Think about ways for your online communities to interact and interface with the physical world using onchain behaviours and you’ll be accelerating network states.

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