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The OCT Newsletter: Fall edition 🍂

Hello from Andy, at the helm of The OCT.

Welcome to our October newsletter, we wanted to share updates ahead of the European conference circuit that kicks off in a few days time.

September and October have been big months for us, we grew our team, brought on developer & creative partners, tweaked our revenue model and had meaningful conversations with several potential investors.

Key Highlights  

  • We’ve had a busy past few weeks working alongside our partners at Cycling Bear to advance the progress of our Demo.  We’re excited with each step of the process and we look forward to sharing it with you in the coming weeks. We’re aiming to have it ready for Lisbon Blockchain week so keep your eyes peeled.

  • Oleg Fomenko, Co-founder of Sweatcoin, joined The OCT advisory team, Oleg is a seasoned founder, an early adopter of blockchain technology and a visionary driving the movement economy. Sweatcoin boasts over 140 million users and 10 million token holders.

    “I love what Andy and his team were accomplishing at and their innovative approach to OCT deserves all the support and attention because it takes their experience in dynamic art, gameplay and blockchain to a whole new level. I for one am a big supporter and will be advising them going forward.” - Oleg

  • We’ve listened to your feedback and crunched our numbers on our pre-seed ask and as a response we will be increasing the ask from our investors, friends and angels to ensure we have enough runway to get us to a pre-market phase. 

What's next?

  • Finalising  our demo -  We will be sharing the demo with our key stakeholders (you) once it is ready and will encourage active participation and feedback.

  • Testing - We are actively preparing our market research. We will begin the testing phase for creative, UX and revenue models across several markets to generate proof points and validate our process.

  • We will continue to actively satisfy our pre seed round, this is a milestone that will give us the inertia to take The OCT to the next phase of development, enable our whole team to be dedicated to full time positions and allow us to gather the market insights we need to set us up for success.

  • We will be all over Lisbon for Lisbon Blockchain week(s) inclusive of Eth Lisbon, Nearcon and Web Summit.  Please let us know if you’ll be around, you can find time to connect with me here .


  • We ask that you are able to share partners that you think could be helpful for us in achieving our pre-seed funding goals. More specifically we’re looking for early-stage VCs and angels.

  • We are on the search for a trusted Tax advisor and legal resources to help us navigate incorporation and regulatory matters 

We hope to see you around Lisbon in the next few weeks and if not, stay tuned for more updates to come in the weeks to follow.

Thank you,


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