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Cardano Announces Plan to Join ETH Merge | The Rug's Mostly Credible Newsletter #1

Dearest Eyeballs, I am pleased to present The Rug’s First Newsletter, your least bad source of crypto news. Take it as an offering, once a month. For many of our stories, we are the only Web3 news outlet reporting on them! How is it that no one else was willing to cover it when Michael Saylor Insists Baskin-Robbins Has Only One Flavor, or how US President Joe Biden Urges Gas Station Operators to “Migrate to Layer 2 Immediately” in a Bid to Stymie Skyrocketing Gas Prices, and of course heroic feats like Solana Goes Full Day With No Down Time? Our reporters are out there, day after day, breaking news like when OpenSea claimed, “It’s only money laundering if you get caught.”

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