You Can't Scale Web3 w/o Better On-chain Security

A Personal Take from ETHDenver

I Jumped into a deep dive on 'You Can't Scale Web3 w/o Better On-chain Security' from ETH Denver talk. Seems like scams, frauds, and those sneaky drainers are everywhere. Gotta stay sharp!

Ever think about how on-chain security got tested during the last bull run? It was like watching a high-speed chase. 🚔💨 We seriously need to beef up our defenses.

User safety isn't just nice to have; it's everything. Makes the whole Web3 experience either a dream or a nightmare. And airdrop scams... don't even get me started. 😒 If it looks too good to be true, probably is. We've seen some improvements, but staying vigilant is key.

Improving on-chain security is our ticket to scaling Web3. It's not just about growing; it's about growing right. Let's build a safer space together.

Ending on this: user consent and informed decisions are gold. 💰 We're here to empower, not overpower. Here's to making Web3 the safe, exciting place it's meant to be!

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