just beyond sight

everything in life is about perspective. catch the light the right way, and you'll see rainbows.

for the last 6 months i've been working diligently to learn 3d modelling. i took a bit of a step back from the art styles i was working with before - i wanted to learn a hard skill. challenge myself.

ghosts, rainbows, the divine or whatever

i still have a long way to go to achieve what i want with that - which is to be able to create entire scenes in quasi-realism. six months is not a lot to learn how to build entire worlds.

putting my other work on the back burner has been necessary, but i've also missed it. i was putting myself under a lot of pressure to create, and create often, but with 3d this pace is much more difficult.

i'd also taken a bit of a break from using ai in my process - but to me, ai is a tool i can use as a backdrop for my thoughts. it allows me to create on a different level, not focused as much on the aesthetics, but rather on the imbued meaning.

i'm still figuring out where i'll go with everything, but i will start re-integrating the diary-style pieces alongside the other streams i have going. the tea kettle squeals when i put something, anything out there.

more room to breathe.

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