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Great Books Stream #1 – Aristotle on Friendship in "Nicomachean Ethics"

Sun, 5/14, 12pmPT – feat @tldr, @grace, @ted, @aaina, @phil, @timdaub, and more.


Sunday 5/14, 12pmPT –>

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One of the most famous analyses of friendship in the history of recorded thought, Aristotle’s treatment here serves as a culmination of his philosophical investigation of human happiness – the project of his Nicomachean Ethics.

How do we know if we are in a true friendship? What is the relationship between love and friendship? What makes some friendships better or worse than others? Is it important to physically live with your friends? Do we actually need friends to be happy?

Besides these specific questions, this selection also serves as an entree into both Aristotle’s unique (and, to many of us, strange) “empirical” approach to human questions, as well as into some of his unsentimental opinions about the nature of human fulfillment.

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