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Great Books Stream #3 – Nietzsche on "Art Over Science"

Sun, 6/18, 12pmPT – featuring @tldr, @grace, @ted, @aaina, @timdaub, @seanhart and more


Sunday 6/18, 12pmPT –>

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Nietzsche on "Art >>> Science"

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“God is dead”

“The Revaluation of all values”

“The Übermensch”

“The End of History”

Many provocative concepts of Friedrich Nietzsche have drilled their way not only into modern Academia but into our pop culture. But actually understanding what Nietzsche was meaning – and trying to do – with these concepts requires linking together different pieces of his thought.

This week, we will touch on many of the above points through very specific perspective: Nietzsche’s belief in the superiority of “Art” to Science, History, Technology, and Philosophy as it was previously practiced. Our passages will specifically touch on:

1) How Nietzsche rejects History / Science as ultimate aims.

2) What Nietzsche means by the “Artist".

3) “The Overman” as Artist and “The Last Man” as Technologist.

As residents of a culture which is more dominated by commitment to the fruits of technology and the power of scientific knowledge than ever before, Nietzsche slams these principles not with the spirit of a Luddite, but with that of a Hero.

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