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Tokenpad Roundup #13 | ZRO Tokenomics, DeFi comps, Bullish market takes

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On today's issue:

  • ZRO Token Launch (via TheBlock)

  • DeFi Tokens Cheaper Than Ever (via Blockworks)

  • Optimistic Market Takes (via Blockworks)

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ZRO Token Launch

LayerZero, the interoperability protocol, has launched its $ZRO token on Arbitrum, generating the highest daily revenue for Arbitrum at $3.4m.

85m (8.5%) of the 1b tokens are claimable, across 1.28m wallets. $ZRO started trading at $4.15, with a FDV of $3.2b, and now at $2.82. Also, its latest round was at $3b, sorry investors.

The $ZRO token is a governance token over the treasury and protocol upgrades.

A small caveat, users have to pay 10 cents per each $ZRO they claim, and donate it to the protocol guild.

As a reminder, LayerZero wants to standardize the way developers develop across chains. There’s been 100m historical transactions on L0, mostly enables by the Stargate bridge.

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DeFi tokens cheaper than ever

Looking at the basket of tokens for Lido, MakerDAO, Uniswap and Aaave, their revenue has never been the highest, even with market prices being flat and a bit downwards. Reaching $700M in annualized revenue during March.

If we compare this to the valuation of these tokens, we see that the average revenue multuple is at 24x, which is the lowest it’s ever been.

Lido has ~50% YoY revenue growth, Maker at 470% YoY volume growth, Uniswap 250% YoY volume growth.

Maybe a good time to buy these tokens?

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Bullish Market Takes

On a positive note, Byron from Blockworks highlighted tradFi bull signals:

“The famous value investor Bill Miller remains bullish on bitcoin because it represents a  “secular shift around how humans think about capital and its governance.”

An analyst at the blue-blood investment firm AllianceBernstein thinks bitcoin could hit $1,000,000 within 10 years.

VanEck’s digital assets group thinks ETH could hit $22,000 within seven years.

Most optimistic, however, is a Bank of America report finding that crypto is “no longer just a speculative hedge against a loss of trust in government, monetary, and financial institutions,” but a “legitimate disruptor in industries like payments, cybersecurity, [and] healthcare.”

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