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Intelligent Investing with Tokenpad

Helping you become an intelligent crypto investor.

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The Intelligent Investor

Decades ago, Benjamin Graham pioneered fundamental analysis for markets through his masterpiece, the Intelligent Investor. Warren Buffett has praised this book as his investing bible - changing his destiny, and setting him en route to become one of the best in history.

Our mission is to help you become an intelligent crypto investor.

We believe web3/crypto is the up and coming asset class, which intelligent investors will be interested in.

We will help you through our products. Data, fundamentals, alpha. We are early, and learning fast.

Accounts, accounts, accounts

web3 is all about accounts. Centralized, decentralized, custodied, self-custodied. Seed phrases, wallet apps, extensions, 2FAs, multisigs, account abstraction, and more.

It's crazy out there. And it will only get crazier.

Our first product - Tokenpad's portfolio tracker - helps you keep track of all your crypto accounts, using your public wallet addresses, view-only API keys, or manual input.

You can try it out here.

Investment Performance

Up next, we will focus on your investment performance. We will index and process your transactional data, to show you your investment performance over time:

  • How have your investments been doing? Which positions are in a gain or a loss? Which are actually driving your returns?

  • How do they measure vs. a benchmark like ETH, or maybe a market index like the SP500?

We believe data is the pillar for intelligent decisions, and the pillar of our products.

Embark in this journey with us. Join us today.

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