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Tokenpad Roundup #10: Twitter's Money License, USDC on Base, and more

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On today's issue:

  • Twitter's Money License (via Coindesk)

  • USDC on Base (via Cointelegraph)

  • Maker's new Solana based chain (via Blockworks)

  • Zora's new fee model (via Messari)

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Twitter's New Money License

Twitter has obtained a money transmitter license in seven US states. Musk wants X to become an 'everything app'.

Musk mentioned "I think a new social media company is needed that is based on a blockchain and includes payments" - back in Apr 2022.

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USDC launches on Base

Circle announced that the Base version of USDC will launch this week, and eliminate the need for the USDbC bridged version.

Users will be able to redeem their USDbC for USDC.

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Maker's new Solana based app-chain

The appchain thesis seems to be playing out -- as new apps launch their own chains to minimize MEV and get inflows from validator fees.

Christensen, Maker's co-founder, suggested to use Solana as the base layer code to build a new appchain.

“The most important reason for why NewChain is needed, is that it will allow the ecosystem to use hard forks to gracefully recover from the most severe form of governance attacks or technical failures,” this is part of Maker's already approved "Maker Constitution".

Bridges between NewChain and Solana, as well as NewChain and Ethereum are paramount in the plan.

The only other contented for the NewChain base code was Cosmos.

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Zora's new fee Model

Zora, the leading web3 creative platform, wants to help creators make more money.

Creators now earn a revenue share on free mints, regardless of where the mint occurs. Previously, this mint fee was 100% received by Zora, even on free mints.

This new fee model also incentivizes other platforms to showcase Zora based mints, as they will get a share of the fees as well. 

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