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Tokenpad Roundup #11: Binance Layoffs, FTX Selloff, and Blockchain Capital Funds

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On today's issue:

  • Binance US CEO parts ways and a third of the staff is laid off (via Bloomberg)

  • FTX gets approval to sell 3B of assets (via Blockworks)

  • Blockchain capital raises 580M across two funds (via Blockworks)

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Binance Layoffs

Binance US CEO has parted ways from the company, amidst a 1/3 layoff of staff for the US arm of the company.

After several regulatory scrutiny, it seems like the company is being wary of their involvement in the US, this also comes in sync with the fact that the SEC has an active lawsuit under against them for violating securities laws

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FTX 3B Selloff

A court in Delaware has approved the sale of 100M/week of assets, with an option to go up to 200M/week. 

The current treasury is being managed by Galaxy Digital, its composition is: 1B in Sol, 500M in BTC and the rest in other assets.

Watch out as the selloff beings.

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Blockchain Capital raises 580M

The SF based firm has raised its sixth early stage vehicle, and an opportunities growth stage vehicle. Having been 10 yrs in the business, the firm has a great track record of deals. 

The firm is now actively looking at major themes like infrastructure, scaling, consumer, social and gaming.

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