Tokenpad Roundup #8: Solanapay <> Shopify, Helium Mobile for $5/mo, Coinbase acquires stake in Circle

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On today's issue:

  • Pay on Shopify with Solana (via Coindesk)

  • Unlimited text and 5G data by Helium for $5/mo (via Decrypt)

  • Coinbase acquires stake in Circle USDC issuer (via Blockworks) 

  • Insider trading jailed at Opensea (via Blockworks)

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Pay on Shopify with Solana

Storefronts will be able to accept Solana USDC as a form of payment. Shoppers require a Solana based wallet like Phantom.

This is a step towards unlocking Solana's main use case. Payments. 

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Helium Mobile unlimited data for $5

Helium Network, the crypto project, has launched its text, voice and data unlimited 5G plan for $5/mo, very cheap, compared with other carriers offering similar plans starting at $25.

This plan is only available for Miami residents, as it leverages the Helium network for operation. 

When the phone is near a Helium node, it connects to the network, and when it’s outside of coverage, it connects to the AT&T network in partnership.

As the Helium network expands, the coverage for this plan will expand as well.

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Coinbase acquires stake in Circle

Coinbase is now a larger part of the USDC token issuing company. This deal is part of Coinbase ambitious plan to become the leading crypto company. 

The terms are not disclosed, but USDC is planned to expand and launch of 6 other blockchains and L2s.

The revenue will be shared depending on whether the USDC is held on either platform, but yield earned on deposits will be evenly split.

As a point of data, Circle's revenues for the last 3 years have been 85M, 562M, and 2,572M E (2023). That's consecutive triple digit growth.

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Opensea's insider trader jailed

Former Opensea’s Head of Product is sentenced to 3 months in prison and a fine.

The employee used insider information to front run common buyers. He bought and sold tokens right before and after being listed in Openseas homepage. Making 50k in the process.

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