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Tokenpad's Beta: Smarter Crypto Investing

We need you to help us build our mission

Ready to become a smarter crypto investor, anon? 🧠

We're opening up access to our Beta

1/ 📈 Multichain portfolio tracking for your onchain wallets, exchange accounts, and manual transactions
2/ 💡 Curated investment opportunities based on your portfolio
3/ 🤑 Earn POINTS for being early

If you'd like to get access. You can apply to join here.

Earning POINTS

If you're here, it means you're early. It means you'll get more POINTS.

  1. Apply to join our Beta

  2. Share your Beta link and tell your referrals to use your email

  3. Follow us on socials (Farcaster, X)

  4. Be an active user

See you onchain, anon ⛓

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