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The entry to a new big world, and all objects relating to everything cars.

The Drift Begins

All everyone wants is to recognized, so we added several features that allow anyone to verbally express the excitement of ownership is.

What does ownership mean for this collection?

  1. The ability to unlock more content as time goes on for being a token holder.

  2. The access to vote for community proposals.

  3. A way to govern the collection/protocol by holding tokens

  4. Ways to connect with others by spreading information.

In order for this collection to thrive in the worst scenarios, we want the community to make the right call, not us because at the end of the day, it's you that can make the call.

As an NFT collection platform, we understand the importance of rewarding and incentivizing our users for their contributions to the community. Here are some examples of rewards and incentives that we offer to our users:

  1. Exclusive NFTs: We offer exclusive NFTs to our most active users as a way to reward them for their contributions to the community. These NFTs may be released in limited quantities or may have unique features that make them highly coveted by collectors.

  2. Early access: We often give our most active users early access to new NFT releases or events, allowing them to be the first to purchase or participate.

  3. Special events: We host special events and experiences for our most active users, such as meet-and-greets with artists or collectors, or private art viewings.

  4. Discounts: We offer discounts on NFT purchases to our most active users as a way to reward their loyalty and support.

  5. Leaderboards: We have leaderboards that track the most active users on our platform and reward them with special prizes or recognition.

  6. Referral programs: We offer referral programs that allow our users to earn rewards for referring friends and colleagues to our platform.

Overall, our goal is to create a vibrant and engaged community of NFT collectors and to reward our users for their contributions and support. We believe that this helps to create a strong and healthy ecosystem for NFTs and encourages more people to participate and collect.

Our duty is for us to make the right call, and deliver the right content on the right occasions.

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