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The decentralized world lies ahead of you, how you begin is how you start.

As an NFT collection platform, we are constantly working to improve and enhance our offerings for our users. Here is an example of a roadmap featuring rewards, tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and future NFTs and gated token mints:

Token-based rewards: In the first quarter of next year, we plan to introduce a rewards program that uses tokens as a way to incentivize and reward our users. This will allow users to earn tokens for completing certain actions on our platform, such as referring friends or participating in special events.

Token-based incentives: In the second quarter of next year, we plan to introduce token-based incentives for our users. This could include things like discounts on NFT purchases or exclusive access to certain events or releases.

Token-based leaderboards: In the third quarter of next year, we plan to implement leaderboards that track the performance of our users and reward them with tokens. This will create a sense of competition and encourage users to engage more with our platform.

Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO): In the fourth quarter of next year, we plan to launch a DAO to govern and manage the token economy on our platform. This will allow our users to have a say in how the platform is run and how tokens are used and distributed.

Future NFTs: In the coming years, we plan to introduce a wide range of new NFTs to our platform, including exclusive releases from top artists and collectors, as well as NFTs with unique features and capabilities.

Gated token mints: We also plan to implement gated token mints, which will allow users to earn tokens by completing certain actions or reaching certain milestones on our platform. These token mints will be limited in quantity and will be highly sought after by collectors.

Overall, our goal with this roadmap is to create a more dynamic and engaging experience for our users by introducing tokens, DAOs, and a wide range of new NFTs and gated token mints. We believe that this will help to create a more vibrant and healthy ecosystem for NFTs and tokens.

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