[BTF #2] Music NFTs

PLUS: A toddler's elite level trolling, ERC-5050s, and Web3 writing platforms

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What didn’t make the cut


This is a NFT project that’s a joint venture with Universal Music Group (UMG). They announced that they’re working with two big names in the music industry.

  • Hit Boy - Worked w/ Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake, Beyonce, Nas, and Travis Scott, etc.

  • James Fauntleroy - Worked w/ John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake, etc.

KINGSHIP @therealkingship

Now you know who’s behind the boards. Welcome to KINGSHIP @Hit_Boy & @fauntleroy 🐐🎵🐐


2:23 PM ∙ Sep 12, 2022


Interesting for 2 reasons:

  1. Most music NFTs feature the artist like BAYC with Snoop and Eminem outwardly. Kingship has big names working behind the scenes.

  2. During a Twitter Spaces, the team shared that holders that haven’t sold their NFTs got a special trait after updating metadata. Not sure what benefits this might provide down the line, but the market is valuing them higher than those without it.

I have 4 of these since mint, so we’ll see what happens 🤷‍♂️

SBF’s thread on Tom Brady

Wouldn’t have expected SBF (CEO of FTX) to write a thread about football, but they do have a partnership with Tom Brady.

Decent takeaways if you’re into football.

Twitter avatar for @SBF_FTX


1) The freedom of the goat

3:13 AM ∙ Sep 12, 2022


ERC-5050 tokens

I recently learned about ERC-5050 tokens (here’s the EIP documentation). Interesting ways to incorporate chance.

  • Cope Bears - First instance of probability-based minting. 50% chance of free mint, 50% chance of paid mint.

  • Spells Quest - First ERC-5050 interactive NFT. Holders can cast spells that could change the stats of other NFTs (that support it).

What I'm thinking about for my writing

Meme Culture - Still thinking about this topic! So much to dig through here, but I found some more examples.

Main point I’m going to get across is that memes are increasing in importance, whether you care or not.

Utility - Also still thinking about this one since it’s such a dense topic. I don’t think I have the right visual framework for this, but it’s time to write about it anyway.

Web2 vs. Web3 writing platforms - I’ve been meaning to put my writing onto the blockchain with tools like Mirror and Paragraph, but reality is distribution through established platforms like Substack or Medium make more sense today. I should line up some convos with folks.

Distribution - For Web3 with TPan as a whole, thinking through more opportunities and ideas to distribute my writing more broadly.

What’s going on with TPan

Narco Saints - Finished this Korean series on Netflix yesterday night. Pretty good if you enjoyed Narcos. I feel like Korean shows have gotten more popular thanks to Squid Games.

Road Trip to SoCal - Headed to a wedding in Oceanside (in between LA and SD) next weekend, so I’ll be out for the latter half of the week. Probably won’t be writing for a few days which makes me sad with my streak. But my 🧠 deserves a break :)

This toddler is a master troll - A for effort? 😂

Have a great weekend :)

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