[BTF #6] Saying Yes and Saying No

PLUS: A couple of perks for you!

Welcome to Below the Fold! The weekend update for Premium subscribers. Do I ever go outside? Yes! It counts if I’m typing this at a library, right? 🤓

This is the first time visiting my local library. I’m not sure why it took so long for me to check it out, but I’m glad I did. It’s nostalgic, quiet, and a nice change of scenery. I need to come out here more often, it’s only a 15 minute walk away.

Perks Recap

  1. As a member of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program, I have a couple 6-month LinkedIn Premium codes ($180 value) so if you’re interested in grabbing one, reply to this e-mail and let me know!

  2. A fellow Write Web3 member invited me to try out Lex.Page, a new AI-based writing companion. This product is from the Every team, a collective of kick-ass writers that have a bundled subscription product. The current waitlist for Lex.Page is ~26k+, so you get to cut the line because I did. I have 3 of these codes to share so if you’re interested, reply to this e-mail and let me know!

Nathan Baschez 📧 @nbashaw

Introducing Lex! A word processor with artificial intelligence baked in, so you can write faster. 👉 lex.page 👈 (I've been working on this awhile... so glad to finally share it!!)

Twitter avatar for @nateliason

Nat Eliason @nateliason

I just tried an AI-powered writing app, and I am so so so hilariously out of a job. It literally gave me goosebumps. I'm not allowed to share it with you yet but I will when I can 👀 Please send me new career ideas.

3:48 PM ∙ Oct 16, 2022


IMO Nat’s testimonial is a bit over the top.

Lex (and other AI writing tools) are great for ideation, helping with writer’s block, or summarizing a piece you write. It is not a tool that will help you to write content end to end. It’s also not great for creating content that is more conceptually based (eg: what I write). When AI eventually gets to that level, I’ll let you know.

Or maybe I won’t, and you’ll enjoy reading “my” work while I sit back and relax 😉

What’s going on with TPan


Opportunities: I’ve been approached with a couple of non-advisory opportunities that I am considering taking. Fortunately these are part-time and flexible, so this allows me to continue focusing on writing while extending my financial runway.

I’ll share if/when the time is right. If I don’t, it might be because there’s a NDA 🤫

Protecting time: With more inbound opportunities, I need to be more aggressive with protecting my time. I’ve always been a ‘yes’ person, and have enjoyed it. However, I am starting to truly understand all those quotes about saying ‘no’, like this one:

When I saw quotes like these years ago, I thought to myself ‘Well, I’ll keep saying yes until I can’t’. That strategy has fared well.

Once I started writing, I started receiving messages at a volume I haven’t experienced before. On top of that, they were coming from multiple channels: e-mail, text, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, Farcaster, LinkedIn, Discord (I think I listed them all?). I’ve been able to manage it pretty well, responding based on urgency.

Now, I’m getting close to a point where I need more discernment…and discernment isn’t a strength of mine. Time to build that muscle at the Gym of Life.


I’ve been binging Welcome to Wrexham, a show about Ryan Reynolds (of Deadpool and many other things fame) and Rob McIlhenney (of It’s Always Sunny fame). If you love Ted Lasso, I think you’ll love this, especially since it’s real.

What makes it hit home for me is that there are so many relatable themes in this show with what’s going on with Web3 and my personal journey. Underdogs, community, leadership moments, you name it. The humor weaved in with the human interest stories are on point are a cherry on top.

What I'm thinking about for my writing

  • A couple of content partnership pieces in various stages of the pipeline…

  • Community is everything. Seriously, it is.

  • Decentralized Forms (WTF was my first thought, but it makes a ton of sense)

Have a great weekend!

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