[Short #66] The Seal Team 6 of Web3 Writers

Otherwise known as Web3 Writers That Right Good


I’m assembling a team. A team of writers. A team of Web3 Writers. A team of Web3 Writers that right good. (IYKYK)

How far along are you? We have a private DM group and just created a Twitter account for the Collective. Starting small is key to establish norms while ironing out wrinkles. As we grow, we will expand to a Discord community. We’re here for a good time and hopefully a long time.

Why are you doing this? As someone that hardcore lurked in Web3 for 15 months and started being active in the past 3 through writing, I’ve observed that there is a lack of quality content in Web3.

As I’ve started writing, I’ve learned to appreciate that writing is an art form. It’s not always treated as one, but can be if done well. Writing is not as flashy as traditional art forms or music, but it is art. The keyboard is our paintbrush and the blank screen is our canvas.

Take another profession for example: Standup comedy (big fan). Standup comedy is entertainment. But if you think about it standup comedy is…art. Great standup comedians are artists who paint with words in a humorous way.

On top of that, I believe that one of the largest gaps in Crypto/Web3/NFTs (or anything new for that matter) is education. In order to educate/inform effectively, you need to create effective content. There is a shortage of educational/informative content that is easy to understand and easily consumed.

Sure, there are plenty of newsletters and tweet threads out there (some damn good ones) — they have an important role in the ecosystem. However, there are also a lot of writers who write great content, but lack an audience or don’t have the resources to find the best opportunities that they deserve. Or are simply looking for a community of like-minded folks.

I want to create the ‘Seal Team 6 of Web3 writers that:

  • Is for writers, by writers.

  • Form a supportive community. Writing can be a lonely journey at times.

  • Get inspired by each other’s content (but not copy)

  • Can provide value to other Web3 brands/companies that need content help, while getting paid top dollar for it.

  • So much more, but we’re in V0.1 😉


Why would I (a non-writer) be interested?

  • You read, right? You want to read quality content, right?

  • One of the growth levers in Web3 is content, and good content is a gap in many toolboxes for Web3 companies. We want to be the group that helps you make that 🔥 written content, for the right price.

What’s next?

  • Growing the core founding group. Thoughtfully.

  • Expanding social and communal presence. Thoughtfully.

  • Creating an application process. Sorry, we can’t let everyone in. But we’ll think through how we can elevate as many Web3 writers as possible!

  • Website

  • Even though I’ve mentioned $ multiple times above, that is not the focus for now, though it’s a strong value prop to attract supply and demand for the collective.

  • DAO? Maybe, maybe not. There are pros and cons to this, so I want the group to be thoughtful about this decision.

How can I (as a writer) help?

  • Are you a good Web3 writer? Reach out to me! General requirements:

    • You actively write Web3 content and have examples to share

    • We love Twitter threadooors, but we want to keep the group focused on longer form writing (for now).

    • You actually understand what you’re writing about.

  • Share with your Web3 writer friends that this group exists!

How can I (as a non-writer) help?

  • Do you know good Web3 writers? Tell them to reach out to me!

  • Follow the Twitter account to stay up to date

  • In the future, we will be looking for strategic members that are non-writers to advise and contribute the community.

Tell me more about the Twitter account

@WriteWeb3 — Can you believe this wasn’t taken?! crazy!

All hail Clippy, our temporary/permanent(?) mascot

Primary topics for the account (for now):

  • Retweeting good Web3 written content. From our collective and outside of it.

  • Memes about writing. We have jokes too! Maybe it’s just an outlet for me get my meme energy out lol.

  • Updates on the collective

Can you imagine if there was something like this that already existed but I had no idea? If so, let me know folks 😂. Otherwise, feel free to share any feedback or thoughts. Is this a dumb idea? Is this type of collective sorely needed?

See you tomorrow ✍️

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