[Thoughts #115] 6529's Free On-Chain Course

PLUS: 🤝 Kith's 🤝 Two-way 🤝 Collab

6529’s on-chain course

If you work or are interested in the Web3 space and don’t follow 6529, stop reading and follow him on Twitter.

6529’s threads are legendary and have been helpful for many in understanding Web3 and NFTs. There’s a reason why he’s built a 400k+ Twitter following in less than 18 months.

6529 @punk6529

🔥Time To Build An Open Metaverse 🔥 All 6529 mega-threads are pinned in this thread of threads: The team game plan is here: Hop on board fam, we are going to save the world.

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6529 @punk6529

1/ On A Pathway To An Open Metaverse We are going to make a run at changing the arc of history. It is a Return of the Jedi vs the Death Star style mission. They have the money and the power. We mostly have our brains, our community and gm. But it might be just enough

9:26 PM ∙ Oct 13, 2021


On top of that, he’s anonymous. Difficult to do at that level!

In addition to be anonymous, 6529 is a prolific NFT collector and visionary. He’s fulfilling the vision by creating an Open Metaverse in partnership with OnCyber.

A couple months ago, he announced a free university course on NFTs and the Metaverse with the University of Nicosia.

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6529 @punk6529

1/ On Solving Problems On-Chain So, conventionally, this is about the time I'd start a podcast. But I prefer bold experiments so I've been chasing partners and people all summer to try something that has never been done before What is that?

7:57 PM ∙ Aug 19, 2022


The course features some of the biggest names in Crypto, Web3, and NFTs. It’s basically conference-level speaker series without the $1,500 ticket. I like deals, and this is a great deal.

And many more

The 12-week course covers a variety of topics and will likely be a great introduction for those dipping their toes into Web3, and a solid refresher for those already familiar.

The course is free but you will need to mint a free NFT to access the course. You can do that here.

If you haven’t minted a NFT yet, or if you have colleagues that have been on the fence, this might be the incentive to get them to mint something! The mint closes in 2 days, so don’t procrastinate.

What’s even more fun is that the course is on-chain, so materials will be airdropped to all wallets with the course token. I think this will become a common practice in the future. Maybe I’ll play around with that concept in the future myself… 🤔

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UNIC Open Metaverse Initiative @unicmetaverse

@punk6529 @oncyber 11/ Then, on Thursday morning we will be airdropping week 1’s material. Yes, you read that right: we plan to mint ALL course material as NFTs and airdrop them to our students’ wallets. That’s what a 100% on-chain course means :)

2:31 PM ∙ Oct 3, 2022


If you mint, be sure to follow the course Twitter account to stay up to date.

Do you know someone that doesn’t have NFTs? If so, share or subscribe!


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BMW 🤝 Kith 🤝 Invisible Friends

For anyone that’s been an early TPan reader, you know that I’m a fan of the Web3 fashion space (I don’t dress like it though lol). A few months ago, I broke down why the Kith x Invisible Friends collab was a brilliant move.


  • Kith kicked off the partnership with the Invisible Friends NFT project through auctioning 9 limited edition 1 of 1’s. They didn’t focus on a large collection.

  • There was a charity component with the first 1 of 1 that was auctioned off. That’s a win for everybody in the space.

  • Kith didn’t create their own collection. They collaborated with another established Web3-native brand.

  • The 1 of 1’s had a story: “Each Friend will be wearing a different look from our upcoming Summer '22 collections and inspired by our store locations.”

  • Kith was thoughtful about the utility of their collection. “The winners of these auctions will be given all of the physical wardrobe the NFT is wearing.”

  • Kith also thought about evergreen utility too. There were three larger editions of Kith Friends. For these editions, the physical utility applies as well. Additionally “Multiple times per year, this Edition will evolve to be wearing different clothes, shoes and accessories from upcoming Kith releases. The evolved Friend will act as an early access pass, allowing holders to have the ability to purchase limited product before any other Loyalty Program or the general public launch.”

  • Kith is redefining what the runway looks like through NFTs and redefining what a model is with the Invisible Friends silhouette

Alright, are we all on the same page now? My fiancée doesn’t call me Context King for nothing.

Over the last few weeks, Kith has been teasing a new collab with BMW.

Actually…it’s the only thing Kith has ben posting about. A partnership with BMW is a big deal.

In addition to the standard apparel and accessories, they’re creating custom BMW x Kith cars.

Only seven BMW i4 M50 by Kith vehicles will be produced for the public. This is the only vehicle within this collaboration being auctioned to a global public audience: We have partnered with Sotheby’s to host a public auction that will begin on Friday, October 7th at 11AM EST and end on October 14th. The auction will be hosted on Sothebys.com with a starting bid of $1.

We get it TPan, you’re the Context King. WTF does this have to do with the NFTs?

Multiple times per year, this Edition will evolve to be wearing different clothes, shoes and accessories from upcoming Kith releases. The evolved Friend will act as an early access pass, allowing holders to have the ability to purchase limited product before any other Loyalty Program or the general public launch.”

And that’s exactly what they did. The video below shows the transition of the Kith Friend editions that changed outfits to celebrate the Kith x BMW collab.

Twitter avatar for @InvsbleFriends

Invisible Friends @InvsbleFriends

Kith & Invisible Friends for BMW Always approached as a long-term partnership, Kith & Invisible Friends will evolve the Kith Friends for the first time in celebration of Kith's upcoming partnership with BMW. 🧵👇

7:02 PM ∙ Sep 30, 2022


Holders of these NFTs also got early access to the coveted Kith x BMW collection yesterday. The public sale is on Friday.

Twitter avatar for @KITH


Kith Friends Holders - Early Access. Available now. invisiblefriends.kith.com


2:02 PM ∙ Oct 3, 2022


Why else is this notable?

This is not just a collab. This is a multi-level collab - It took some time for the longer-term vision to be realized, and now Kith is able to show vs. tell.

Kith is showing its Invisible Friends (IF) collab holders the value of holding the NFT.

As emphasized earlier, this is an evergreen effort. What it may look like:

Kith has worked with all these brands before and I wouldn’t be surprised if they work together again, but with this NFT twist.

The roadmap for the Kith x IF collab is hypothetically endless and Kith’s core loop of world-class collaborations is enriched.

For brands in each of these segments I’d encourage thinking more deeply with the following:

Web3-native: Which Web2 brands are complementary to your holder base and community? Which partnerships can enrich roadmaps on both sides? While the Kith x IF collab is an idealistic scenario, there are simpler versions of this (eg: Cool Cats x Toikido toys, VeeFriends x Macy’s and Toys R Us announced today)

Web2 Brand entering Web3: Where are the opportunities to partner vs. build from the ground up? Which Web3-native brands have a complementary community to yours? How can you collaborate and learn at the same time?

Web2 Brands already in Web3: Are there multi-level collaborations where you can expand your Web3 footprint in low-risk ways? I imagine BMW will be observing this effort closely as they consider their own Web3 plans.

Kith has created a new collaboration playbook. Who’s next?

See you tomorrow 🚗

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