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Treasure Times Trove Recap - Oct 30th - Nov 12th

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Treasure Times

Welcome to the Trove marketplace recap. This will be a bi-weekly post breaking down all the action happening in the Treasure ecosystem. Each summary will feature price movement on projects, upcoming events, and potential catalysts.

Pretty hectic week in the crypto markets as FTX filed for bankruptcy and the market fell with the fears of knock-on effects from the financial collapse of FTX and Alameda Research. $Magic started off the week at around $0.50 cents but fell to around $0.27 cents after the FTX news.

Upcoming events happening in the $Magic ecosystem:

  • Smolverse Halloween Event (Smoloween) is wrapping up on Monday, November 14th

  • Smol Racing Season 1 is ending on Tuesday, November 15th

  • Battlefly Flywheel 2.0 launches on November 21st

  • gFLY Battleflys governance token launches on November 21st

  • MUSHROHMS Launches on November 22nd

  • The Beacon Settlement launches on November 25th

Now on to the cartridges:


Writer - Kowl (@kkowll)

Smol Brains have been getting solid volume this week with prices sitting in the 1500 $Magic range. We observed a few high Smol sales this week, with a Pink Smol going for 20k $Magic and a super rare 1/1 Smol going for 75k $Magic.

Credit: @mikelauofficial

  • Smol Bodies have not seen too much volume this week with prices hovering in the 350-400 $Magic range

  • Smol Pets and Vehicles (Cars and Swolercycles) have also held pretty steady with floors hovering in the 50 $Magic range (Smol Pets), 30 $Magic (Smol Body Pets), 40 $Magic (Smol Cars), and 27 $Magic range (Swolercycles)

  • Smol Land has come down from its big sweep that happened a few weeks back and is now sitting in the low 100 $Magic range

  • Smol Treasure's price action has been pretty flat this week. Moon Rocks are sitting at a 0.94 $Magic floor and Stardust is sitting around a 1 $Magic floor


    • Smol Racing ends on November 15th - Trophies can be traded in for $Magic and Car V2 skins 


Writer - Tempest (@0x_zughead)

The bad news for the week was FTX megaalo-rug + Universal Locks NGMI for corruptions first release. (note to self: pegs and exchanges aren't safe!) The good news? Aux floor prices are the same as before & there remains still steady progress on corruption development! (Less losses are the new win)

Some thoughts on BW & where it stands in the Treasure ecosystem:

  • $MAGIC is always an interesting ecosystem (There's only so much you know...) and everyone flocked to TELL/Realms in the recent bull run ignoring BW for more lucrative/fun opportunities

  • In return BW has lagged the market, but Tempest holds BW NFTs and still thinks this is the console (MAGIC emittoooor) which some people may think more as a game

  • Tempest didn't actually think Xbox / Playstation = fun (remember those horrible games too??), but God of War & Halo were fekkin awesome!

  • The point being, game or not, BW is a console that you need to engage here at some level (especially at guild / cartridge levels) for the emissions to power their own games!

  • Inherently, this means BW will always be the key economic strategy game that needs to be "engaged" for everything else. Playooors don't need to, but guilds & cartridges must! (I'm quite sure pressing a few buttons every 8-24 hours is moar relaxing than hamming code/art!)

  • FP = 185 MAGIC as of writing, but implied cost from recruit upgrade = 150 MAGIC = > downside may not be as high as that is the theoretical "Cost of Production" (only 2 can be promoted a day only)

  • So penning so much above, it boils down to this: BW should be seen as console (less cartridge), and always has value if you are looking at Treasure! Floors are even lower than TELL/Realm too! It won't be a short game, but more likely a long-game as the console develops!

    OK OK, so after an odd 1500+ of clacking keyboard keys...everyone still wants to know the "APRs" so here are the P2E thinkings for only the stuff that's profitable (Note: Tempest isn't the biggest fan of this genre TBH, so take with a shaker of salt!)

    • Questing (Part 3 + 1 card flipped) = implied 79% based on BW Helper

    • Crafting = no dice for now - but worth to keep a level 5/6 hanging around for corruption (remember when harvester parts were 1.5k+ MAGIC on launch??)

    • Summoning = no dice - good news is no aux inflation, bad news market remains under pressure

    So perhaps, it may seem that 79% isn't very high compared to TELL/Realms, but do remember this remains competitive vs. BF Flywheel's ~20% APR + diversification potential!

    Finally, due to less people in BW (and more TELL/Realms), Treasure drop rates have improved!

  • T1 = 1.8%

  • T2 = 4.1%

  • T3 = 8.7%

  • T4 = 9.1%

  • T5= 18.4%

    (Best play is to just do 8-hour Part 1 and keep rolling the dice! Craft & hit the bids!)


Writer - Kowl (@kkowll)

We have seen good movement on Realm over the past week with the floor price now hovering in the 390 $Magic range. Consistent sales over the past week on Adventurers of the Void (AOV), floor price is at 0.076 at the time of writing. Particle Reactors are sitting at a 490 $Magic floor.


Loot crates?

Tales of Elleria:

Writer - Gerguny (@Gerguny)

Price action of $ELM and all staking pools

Price of $ELM skyrocketed since 5th Nov going from $0.34 to ATH $6.5 (1 $ELM to ~12 $MAGIC) on 6th Nov. Due to macro market conditions, the price has fallen to $1.6 as of now but is still trading at 1 $ELM to 5.7 $MAGIC at the time of writing. Total ELM staked in single-sided ELM pool was at 98k $ELM on 20th Oct, and dropped to as low as 71k $ELM on 4th Nov. Since then, the pool gradually gone back up to the low 90k range. On the other hand, the MAGIC/ELM staking liquidity pool (LP) experienced a huge drop on 5th Nov, going from 71k to 37k LP token staked presumably due to the price hike of $ELM on the same day. The LP has now reached ATH at 74k LP tokens. 

Single-sided ELM Staking

MAGIC/ELM Liquidity Pool


The price of class-specific (CS) heroes spiked in the recent week and remained at around 2.5k $MAGIC. CS heroes with main stat <90 used to be priced at ~1k $MAGIC before the $ELM run. There are currently only 9 CS heroes listed with only 1 with a main stat >94. 

Floor price of common heroes went from 70-80 $MAGIC to 220-250 $MAGIC in less than 2 weeks. Level 2 and 3 heroes are currently sitting at 650 and 1000 $MAGIC. There are currently only 5 legendary heroes listed and the floor for them sits at 1700 $MAGIC. In general volume of heroes dropped a lot since last week but the floor price stood strongly and there is no sign of an increasing amount of listings. The current highest sale is at 5555 $MAGIC, which is a level 5 100-strength CS warrior. The cost of $ELM to level it up from level 4 to 5 cost ~4500 $MAGIC at the time of sale with a 10% chance of failure (All $MEDALS and $ELM would be lost in the event of failing). Congratulations to both the buyer and seller.


Same as heroes, the price of more premium relics kept increasing since the pump of $ELM. Vials of mysterious blood - bottleneck of most crafted relics - are getting increasingly more expensive even though 200 of those are emitted daily via exploration (pooled-based emission) with level 3 heroes. Price of it has almost doubled from ~1.2 $MAGIC (~1 month ago) to ~2.4 $MAGIC as of now.

Price of most scrolls has already at least doubled compared to 2 weeks ago. Most notably, chaos scrolls used to go by ~70 $MAGIC while the most recent sale was 225 $MAGIC (currently there is a 199 $MAGIC bid on 8 of them); Several cursed scrolls were also sold at 300 $MAGIC recently.

Price of more premium scrolls, exalted scrolls, also went up from ~350 (~2 weeks ago) to 700 $MAGIC (with the exclusion of bids accepted at 400 $MAGIC). Surprisingly, other premium scrolls such as lesser positive, blessing and miracle scrolls are having a much lower volume than exalted scrolls and close to none of them are listed. The highest relic sale was made yesterday, where a Plague Doctor Secret (PDS) was sold at 1500 $MAGIC. This relic is by far the rarest relic in Tales of Elleria and could revert the negative rolls of a cursed scroll (+60% -10 or 40% +10 on a random stat, truly degen scroll with negative EV). There is currently only 1 PDS on-chain priced at 2000 $MAGIC.

Upcoming Potential Catalysts:

Secondary mint is around the corner. The team hinted that the next collection could possibly be minted with $ELM and $ETH. With more use cases/sinks for $ELM, we might see higher volume in $ELM trading once again. The price of secondary mint is not revealed yet. A community member in the discord group has claimed to find the contract for the secondary mint and rumored that the chance of minting CS heroes would be at around 8% (as opposed to 10% in the genesis mint). The team has repeatedly stated that genesis heroes are on average superior to secondary mints.

Batch questing. The team has teased that such a feature would be live very soon and whales could send all their heroes in batches which could be a tremendous time-saving QOL update. The team has hinted at a $ELM penalty for players using such a feature but has not confirmed the exact number. Nevertheless, this feature could possibly increase the utility of common heroes now that Adventure Begins (easy quests) always have +EV in $MEDALS.

Collaboration. The team also hinted about an upcoming “partnership” in discord while Smashe has recently called out Valhalla, KPRverse, and ETHER on Twitter. Maybe? Maybe not?



Writer - Kowl (@kkowll)

BattleFly has seen some good volume this week. Regular BattleFlys are currently sitting at a 65 $Magic floor (at the time of writing)  BattleFly Founders V1 are at an 8,969 $Magic floor with only 4 listed. Founders V2 are at a 1,944 $Magic floor with 14 listed. People seem to be preparing for the launch of the main game (Reminder BattleFly will be a part of Arbitrum Odyssey whenever that returns)

BattleFly Founders V2 - Trove

Upcoming Potential Catalysts:

Flywheel 2.0:

  • Stake gFLY, Magic: gFLY LP, Founders NFT to receive a higher yield. As people lock gFLY the available supply goes down. Top wallets that lock gFLY for 90 days will also be winning a Wasteland NFT. This could drive some buying volume for the token (NFA) 

The Wastelands:

  • 200 Supply NFT. “BattleFlys must pay a tax to Wasteland holders each time they search them for materials” 

Wasteland - BattleFly

How to get Wasteland NFT?

  • 10 will be raffled to Founders V1 holders

  • 10 will also be raffled to Founders V2 holders

  • 88 will be given to the top wallets that lock the most gFLY: Magic LP tokens for 90 days

  • 88 will be given to the top wallet that stake and lock the most gFLY token for 90 days

  • 4 are for the BattleFly treasury

Benefits to the Wastelands:

Conservative example (this is only an example, should not be taken as the truth)

6.4 $Magic per day / 2,336 $Magic per year

Bullish example: (this is only an example, should not be taken as the truth)

386 $Magic per day / 140,890 $Magic per year


  • Flywheel 2.0 comes out on November 21st

  • gFLY launches November 21st

Knights of the Ether:

Writer - Kowl (@kkowll)

KOTE has been moving over the past week. Knights Squires, Potions, Rings, and Trinkets are all up a bit. 

Knights are up from 0.025 ETH to 0.05 ETH (Tip - look for deals on Blur marketplace or put out bids) 

Squires are up from 80 $Magic to a floor of 225 $Magic now. 

KOTE Squires - Trove

Upcoming Potential Catalysts:

  • Underdark closed beta should be coming out sometime this year

The shops are coming. Jeweler, Alchemist, Blacksmith. The shops will decrease the supply of items and $FIEF as people use them to make upgrades.

  • Jeweler - combine $FIEF, Treasure & Rings to upgrade your Rings

  • Alchemist - combine $FIEF, Treasure & Potions to upgrade/ transform your Potions 

  • Blacksmith - transform Trinkets to upgrade Knights Gear (in the future)


$FIEF reward to Knights holders when the game launches in closed beta

  • 1,500 $FIEF for each knight you have held in the same wallet for 30 days

  • 2,250 $FIEF & 1 Legendary ring for each knight you have held in the same wallet for 45 days

  • 3,000 $FIEF, 1 Legendary ring, and a raffle entry into the Genesis Rouge WL for each knight you have held in the same wallet for 60 days

  • 3,750 $FIEF, 1 Legendary ring, raffle entry into the Genesis Rouge WL, and a raffle entry into a raffle of 5 Genesis Knights for each knight you have held in the same wallet for 75 days


Writer - Kowl (@kkowll)

Imbued Souls have been pretty stable around the 150 $Magic price. Skill Reset Potions are sitting in the 3.5 $Magic range.

We saw the launch of Life's Colosseum of Phanes (COP) discord PVP experience this week. The first season will run for 28 days.

Imbued Souls - Trove


  • Skill Rest Potions will be used in the long-term game the team is also looking to use them in partner cartridges


Writer - Exor (@ExorTreasure)

After reaching a 70 $Magic low in early October, the floor price of Toads increased to 190 $Magic amid higher volume and a very low supply (as less than 1% of Toadz are currently listed). Furthermore, the total volume on Trove reached the 1 million $Magic threshold, highlighting the importance of the collection for the Treasure ecosystem.

Toadstoolz - Trove

Meanwhile, the positive momentum was less strong for Toadstoolz Itemz as the floor price remains below 1 $Magic.

Lost Donkey:

Writer - Exor (@ExorTreasure)

The volume of Lost Donkeys has started picking up since the last week of October and it was only natural that the floor price would pick up too. After staying flat at 30 $Magic for some time, the floor price for Donkeys is now 105 $Magic (a 250% increase !). Notably, a rare Smol Body Donkey sold for 500 $Magic.

Meanwhile, the price of the Lost Barns also picked up, despite a relatively low volume, and the floor price is now at 15 $Magic, up from 10 $Magic recently.

Moreover, the team also announced that the Smol Brains will be part of the Lost Donkeys game!

Thank you all for reading. This will be a bi-weekly report so look out for the next one

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