Immutable Cuts Staff by 11% | Arc8 Partners with Benji Bananas | Gods Unchained Announces Mobile Pre-Alpha Test | DeFi Land Introduces NFT Fusion & More!

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This week, we bring you some exciting news from the world of Web3 gaming. Blockchain game studios continue to attract investment as they develop innovative titles that incorporate blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. From sci-fi MMOs set on Mars to fantasy RPGs where players can earn massive rewards, we have a roundup of the latest developments in the blockchain gaming industry. Join us as we explore the latest news and trends in Web3 gaming.

That said, let’s get started with the weekly wrap-up.

Game Updates 

  • DeFi Land Introduces NFT Fusion for Players to Level Up In-Game Assets: DeFi Land has just introduced NFT Fusion, a new mechanic that lets players upgrade their digital assets by combining multiple Gen-0 NFT attributes. By dismantling their Gen-0 assets and visiting Roger in the NFT Forging Building, players can merge 2 to 7 attributes of the same NFT type and rarity for a chance to earn one attribute from each session. This update offers more utilities for low-ranking attributes and reduces the total NFT supply, all for just 1,000 $GOLDY in fees per Fusion. Sounds like a great opportunity to level up your in-game assets!

  • Gods Unchained Announces Exclusive Mobile Pre-Alpha Test: Gods Unchained is launching an exclusive mobile pre-alpha test starting February 28th AET, but only for the most active community members of this month. This closed pre-alpha mobile build will only be available on Android devices, with an iOS build planned to come out later. During the 4-week testing period, players will focus on the core gameplay, meaning that some features such as tutorials, deck-building, and various settings will be left out for now. If you're a Gods Unchained fan, this is a great opportunity to get an early sneak peek at the mobile version of the game!

  • Tiny World Provides Details on PvP Arena Gameplay in New Preview: Tiny World’s developers have recently released a preview post that gives us some details on what to expect. The arena game will feature 7-day seasons with different themes, including buffs for heroes of a certain class and rare attributes for all heroes. To take part in arena combat, players will need up to 3 heroes, limited to 1 hero per class. You'll be able to challenge 3 times per day for free, with the option to challenge more by using Arena Tickets crafted in the workshop. Sounds like an exciting addition to the game that will keep players engaged and challenged!

  • Prehistoric MMORPG Cradles Is Launching in Closed Beta in March: Cradles: Origin of Species, a prehistoric action MMORPG, is launching its closed beta from March 15th to March 30th. Interested players can participate by joining the March Mania event from March 1st to March 10th and securing a spot through giveaways on the game's official Discord server. In the closed beta, players will explore time-lapsing worlds and battle against dinosaur-themed monsters.

  • Arc8 Partners Benji Bananas for Unique Event: The latest collaboration between Arc8 and Benji Bananas is offering a unique event where players can win amazing prizes like PRIMATE tokens, GMEE tokens, and Benji Bananas Membership Passes. To be eligible for these prizes, gamers need to play both Arc8 and Benji Bananas games during the cross-platform event that will run from February 23rd to 27th. So, gear up for some fun and exciting gameplay and grab a chance to win big!

Ecosystem Updates 

  • Immutable Cuts Staff by 11% to Prolong Cash Reserves: It looks like blockchain gaming startup Immutable is cutting 11% of its workforce to preserve the company's cash reserves and focus on the most important projects. According to Immutable CEO and co-founder James Ferguson, these difficult decisions will ultimately benefit the company's long-term position and allow them to maintain their commitment to achieving their ambitious goals.

  • Azra Games Secures $10 Million in Funding Led by a16z for Web3 RPG Legions & Legends: Azra Games, a blockchain game studio led by veteran RPG builder Mark Otero, has secured $10 million in seed funding backed by a16z Crypto for its first blockchain title, Legions & Legends. The funding round, which also saw participation from NFX, Coinbase Ventures, Play Ventures, and Franklin Templeton, brings the company's total funding to $25 million. Legions & Legends is a sci-fi fantasy RPG where players lead heroes to fight against monsters and earn rewards.

  • Million on Mars Secures $3.5 Million to Expand its Blockchain Sci-Fi MMO: Million on Mars, a blockchain-based sci-fi MMO, has raised $3.5 million in seed funding to expand and improve its game. The game is set in the late 21st century on Mars, where players can strategize and build a thriving settlement of one million people. The funds will be used to further develop the game and improve the user experience.

  • EA founder Trip Hawkins dives into Web3 with Barcelona-based startup: Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts and the driving force behind the "FIFA" video game franchise, has joined a Barcelona-based Web3 startup called Games for a Living (GFAL) as co-founder and strategy chief. GFAL develops games compatible with blockchain technology for various platforms, including consoles, PCs, and smartphones. The move is aimed at challenging leading blockchain games.