NFT Worlds Launches Armory | TSM Chooses Avalanche | Champions Ascensions Releases 3v3 Battles | Believer Raises $55 million & more!

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What a rollercoaster it has been this past week! For a second, it seemed like the end of banking world, leading to an irreversible contagion on the startup ecosystem and unprecedented damage to the economy. But, with the government bailout, everything is now back to normal.

The banking collapse once again proved the dire need of crypto to reshape the financial space for the greater good of the world. People outside crypto are now realizing it may be worthwhile parking some money into a scare digital asset like bitcoin. This narrative has led the recent rally in the markets with over 15% increase in total crypto market cap.

While everyone was on the edge of their seat this past week, the gaming ecosystem has been pushing some amazing updates and announcements. So let's check out and see what the progress has been like.

Game Updates

  • NFT World releases a wardrobe app for in-game items: NFT Worlds was one of the biggest games in Web3. But they were forced to shutdown by Minecraft. For solid eight months, the team focused on building the foundation they own. Now, as they are nearing launch, they are rolling out new features and showcasing entire new look of the game. One of those features is Armory. In the Armory app, you change you attire and try out different in-game items you own.

  • Champions Ascension adds team combat: I never got the chance to play this game, but it is the talk of the gaming streets now. If you are playing it solo all this time, it's time to level up with 3v3 battles. This brings a much-needed social element that can boost the popularity of the game even more. Champions Ascension has also done an epic tournament this past week, so get to playing and ranking high on their leaderboard to win exciting prizes.

  • Continuum World goes live after weeks of delay: Continuum World has launched the first phase of their gathering and building gameplay called "First Explorers". Players can harvest resources from wild or constructed buildings using energy, which replenishes over time or can be purchased. Different biome types produce different resources, with special resources only available at specific rarity levels. Players who own buildings receive a passive income from associated resources, while others can pay to use the buildings and give a small percentage of the fee to the owner.

  • Chronos RPG game now allows crafting: Chronos has added a new crafting system to their multi-player action game, allowing players to trade rare in-game resources with the Shady Merchant for NFT items. The Shady Merchant's inventory constantly changes, and he offers different options to different players. Owning a Traveler NFT may provide exclusive recipe access.

  • Moonfrost releases first trailer: The trailer of Moonfrost went viral this past week. Every player is excited seeing the graphics and gameplay of Moonfrost. The game is going to be a free-to-play single player where you will be farming, like farmville.

Ecosystem Updates

  • TSM decides Avalanche as their blockchain partner : TSM and its competitive gaming platform, Blitz, have teamed up with Avalanche, a blockchain platform, to transform the gaming industry. Avalanche will serve as TSM's exclusive blockchain partner, allowing for new player-focused Web3 gaming experiences. The partnership will bring Blitz onto Avalanche's dedicated Blitz Subnet, offering speed, security, and scalability. TSM will host Avalanche-branded tournaments on Blitz Subnet, enabling gamers to compete for prizes and improve their skills with performance insights and learning tools. All user payments and digital assets will be powered by Core.

  • Animoca Brands invests in Rainshine Global: Animoca Brands Japan has announced a strategic investment in Rainshine Global, a Delaware-based entertainment company. With a focus on Web3 content, Rainshine Global has a strong track record in creating and distributing content globally. The investment will allow the two companies to build a gateway for Japanese intellectual properties to reach new markets and bring original anime IPs from Rainshine Global to Japan.

  • Treasure DAO launches content creator program: Treasure has launched a new creator program called Treasure Create. The program aims to create a community of top video content creators across Treasure's ecosystem and games, offering perks such as increased exposure, allowlists, in-game items, and early access to playtests. Official Treasure Creators will also have opportunities to collaborate with other creators within the program.

  • The Believer Company raises $55 million: The Believer Company, founded by former executives from Riot Games, has raised $55 million in Series A funding from investors including Lightspeed, Andreessen Horowitz, and Riot Games itself. The company's leadership team includes experienced developers and producers responsible for significant changes in the video game industry. The CEO, Michael Chow, and Chief Product Officer, Steven Snow, are passionate about serving players and putting their needs first, aiming to use new technologies for the betterment of players and games. The company is actively seeking like-minded talent to join them on their journey.

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