Puma is Set to Launch 10,000 NFTs | Sony Plans to Allow In-Game NFT Renting | Sandbox Partners With Zeptolab | Unagi Raises €4.7 Million & More!

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This week's edition covers a wide range of developments that are sure to capture your attention. From major fundraising rounds and tournament announcements to new collaborations and upcoming game launches. News from some of the biggest players in the industry, including Puma and Sony Playstation, made it an epic week for web3 gaming enthusiasts.

With so much happening in the web3 gaming world, let's get right into this week's roundup!

Game Updates 

  • Aavegotchi Forge Is Set to Launch on February 22nd: The famous NFT gamig protocol is introducing some amazing features with its latest Forge update. The update enables gamers to customize their wearables in a freely. In a way, these are dynamic NFTs that break down and evolve. The Forge also is pioneering in launching new series of NFTs without diluting the exiting ones.

  • Ev.io x Fractal Survival Earn Tournament is Going Live as a Free Monthly Event: Want to earn money playing Web3 games? This is legit! Fractal has decided to make a recurring tournament with Ev.io, an FPS P2E game. The prize money for each tournament is $5000. The best part is you don't even have to own any EV.io NFTs. You can simply connect to a Fractal wallet and start playing.

  • Upland and Decentraland Bring the Brazilian Carnival to the Metaverse: The Brazilian Carnival is a world-famous celebration of life, culture, and music that usually attracts millions of people to the streets of Brazil. However, due to the pandemic, the event was canceled in 2021. To keep the Carnival spirit alive, Decentraland and Upland are taking the party to the Metaverse, offering a unique and interactive way to participate in the festivities.

  • ExoWorlds Unveils Its MMORPG Game: We saw another game called ExoWorlds enter the market, claiming to be a multi-chain P2E open world game in the metaverse. It is a galactic open world like StarAtlas, but has some series core loops around shooting battles. As this will be primarily on VeChain, it will be interesting to see how the new market emerges in gaming.

  • Crypto Unicorns Releases Cinematic Trailer for Upcoming Jousting Feature: Crypto Unicorns is a well received game in the community. It is a simple pet collecting and farming game with good graphics and storytelling. Now it plans to add a bit more gameplay into the mix with the jousting feature.

Ecosystem Updates 

  • Dragon Ball and One Piece Anime Producer is Entering The Sandbox Metaverse: Toei Animation, best known for its popular anime series such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, One Piece, and others, is making its first foray into Web3 through this red-hot collaboration. The Sandbox users will soon be able to play and interact with these famous characters in the 3D virtual world. In partnership with Minto Inc., the iconic metaverse platform is set to launch virtual games and experiences based on Toei's intellectual properties.

  • Paradise Tycoon Developer Empires Not Vampires Ltd. Raises $1 Million in Seed Round Led by Shima Capital: After announcing the launch of Alpha Snapshot 4, Empires Not Vampires Ltd. officially revealed that they managed to raise $1 million in a seed round led by Shima Capital for their Web3 game, Paradise Tycoon. This initial funding was revealed this week, but the round actually took place during autumn last year, giving the experienced game development company the necessary resources to create their first blockchain title.

  • PUMA is Set to Launch 10,000 Super Puma NFTs to Celebrate its 75th Anniversary: NFTs continue to showcase how powerful they can be for brands. As Puma cultivated a strong Web3 presence in recent years, the entire community has had a positive reaction to this news. It is going to be a 10k PFP collection, where 4,000 will be sold publicly, 2000 for 10KTF project (holders may benefit), and remaining will be used as airdrop for Nitro NFTs collection.

  • Sony Patent Reveals Plans to Allow In-Game NFT Renting through PlayStation Consoles: Over the last one year, Sony has dropped many hints that they're extremely optimistic about NFT and blockchain technology, and would want to integrate into their consoles. The latest patent on NFT renting has further strengthened the case that NFTs will eventually come to PlayStation services.

  • The Sandbox Partners with ZeptoLab, Developer of Popular Cut the Rope Franchise: The Sandbox has announced a new partnership, with ZeptoLab. Both sides will work together in making digital collectibles based on the Nommies from Cut the Rope 2 and the Ancestors from the 3rd entry in the physics-based puzzle franchise, Cut the Rope: Time Travel. Next to digital collectible, ZeptoLab will of course have their own LAND plot, which the Spanish-based game development company will use in creating an arcade management game that is based on their IP, with the new title tasking players with managing the Om Nom Café in the city of Nomville.

  • Phi raises $2m seed to build web3 social gaming platform: Phi has raised $2 million in its seed and aims to set up a social gaming ecosystem for web3 players.  The seed round was led by Chapter One, Delphi Digital, and Polygon Ventures. Phi is looking to bring more innovation to the social, gaming, and the art world; creating a community and collaborating with more protocols, and developing other derivatives of Phi, specifically 3D art, animation, and game. Users on the Phi network can generate personalised experiences by plugging their ENS domain which would allow them earn in-game assets depending on their wallet activity.

  • Web3 games publisher Unagi lands €4.7 million from Sisu Game Ventures, others: Unagi, the Paris-based blockchain gaming studio recently collected €4.7 million in funding led by games early-stage VC Sisu Game Ventures . Unagi's free-to-play Ultimate Champions platform lets gamers accumulate virtual playing cards representing football players, allowing them to choose their dream squad and change players by adding new cards to their selection.

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