Sunflower Land Launches Treasure Island | Illuvium: Beyond Raises the Bar for NFT Gaming | Kingdomverse Launches First Mobile Gaming Metaverse

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This week has been a whirlwind of exciting updates and launches, from extended support for Web3 gaming to new marketing platforms and world-first mobile gaming metaverses.

Get ready for some serious fun as we dive into the latest and greatest in Web3 gaming. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, there's something for everyone in this week's update.

That said, let’s get started with the weekly wrap-up.

Game Updates 

  • Sunflower Land Launches Treasure Island: Sunflower Land players who are at least level 10 will be able to access this new Treasure Island, digging up food, decorations, bounty and utility SFTs using Sand Shovels and Sand Drills. Players of the Polygon-based blockchain title will have a new location to go to, one that contains “bounty, food, decorations and utility SFTs” as hidden treasure. The loot has been covered deep in the sand by the Bumpkin Pirates, referred by the game’s documentation as a “group of bumbling pirate bandits”.

  • Treasure DAO's NFT Idle Strategy Game BattleFly Launches in Early Access: BattleFly, an NFT strategy game in the TreasureDAO ecosystem, is officially live in early access. This allows fans and blockchain gaming enthusiasts to get a first taste of the game, which is mainly focused on strategic gameplay. Created by Battle DAO, BattleFly combines the best of strategy, auto-battler, and play-to-earn (P2E) gameplay. Here, players will assemble their BattleFly NFTs with a winning combination of Mods before sending them off to compete in the Hyperdome. Players will be rewarded in TreasureDAO's $MAGIC token, the primary in-game currency.

  • Gods Unchained Announces Exciting UI Updates: Gods Unchained has announced its upcoming UI updates. The UI updates align with the gaming platform's objective to provide in-game customizability to players as it prepares for the closed launch of the mobile alpha. The latest update will include the Sanctum Refresh, Void view bug fixes, and Loading screen updates. As per the team, the Sanctum Refresh will bring new UI improvements, making the game easier to play.

  • Craft Game Announces Upcoming Expansions and Features: Magic Craft Game is a battle-themed MMO game that offers players the ability to create clans and participate in weekly challenges. The game is now set to introduce a new NFT rental system to bring more players into the Web3 universe. The game is currently in beta with live mobile versions. It is actively adding new updates and expanding its Web3 features. This includes in-game voice chat, which Magic Craft will introduce on February 8. The creators also plan to add new game terrain and more tools to control NFT, MCRT token earnings, and staking.

  •  Illuvium: Beyond Raises the Bar for NFT Gaming: Illuvium: Beyond is an upcoming NFT adventure collection that has caused quite a buzz in the gaming world. The new collection is set to release on March 7, 2023. Given that, Illuvium: Beyond is a customization experience that will allow players to collect the most powerful Illuvitar NFTs based on in-game characters. Illuvium: Beyond promises stunning art quality and 155 different Illuvials as base layers. NFT collection incorporates Illuvitars Core for an amazing experience. Moreover, the carefully crafted Illuvitars Core, featuring 350 pages of documentation, animations, templates, and calculations, ensures an unforgettable gaming experience.

  • Sandbox Introduces More Ways To Play and Earn in the February Festival: A meta-event will be accessible to all and will run from February 8th to March 7th and will cover nearly 30 experiences throughout its 27 days. The rewards come on top of individual experience rewards and include SAND, NFTs, memorabilia, and Mystery Boxes. Players will have to complete 200 quests amongst the February events before they can stand the chance of winning guaranteed rewards. Also, LAND and Avatar owners are eligible for exclusive rewards. Anyone can participate in the challenge to win from the guaranteed reward pool, that includes 1 memorabilia, and 1 mystery box.

  • Bloktopia Releases New Meta Spaces: Bloktopia unveiled its new Meta Space to the community on February 10, hosting a live VR event for the first time. The Bloktopia team continues to put in a lot of effort toward developing the core skyscraper of the game, with updates due soon, in addition to the debut of the new VR Meta Spaces.

Ecosystem Updates 

  • GAIMIN extends its support of Web3 gaming with the signing of a new roster for The Harvest: Gaimin Gladiators today announced their new roster for The Harvest, a new game entering the Web3 gaming space and supported by BNB Chain. GAIMIN is working together with BNB Chain to deliver technological solutions and approaches for games developers to integrate GAIMIN’s Web3 API and SDK technology into their games to deliver a Web3-based gaming experience and take advantage of the emerging Web3 gaming market.

  • Sesame Labs Launches Marketing Platform for Web3 Companies with $4.5 Million in Funding: Sesame Labs, a Web3 marketing platform that equips Web3 marketers with the tools they need to reach, engage, and attract users, today announced it has raised a $4.5 million seed funding round. The round is being co-led by Wing Venture Capital and Patron, with participation from DoubleJump, Forte, MoonFire, Samsung, Twin Ventures, and angel investors. With Sesame Labs, Web3 companies now have the ability to develop targeted marketing campaigns that leverage competitor data, surface cross-channel customer insights and create in-app engagement rewards – all in one platform.

  • Meta to launch Horizon Worlds for Teens as it Revamps Metaverse Platform: According to Wall Street Journal, the social media conglomerate is launching Horizon Worlds platfom for teens as early as March. The reports came just four months after the Wall Street Journal disclosed that Meta's flagship metaverse platform has been failing to retain customers for more than a month. The company intends to make big improvements to its Horizon Worlds platform, including the launch of an adolescent app. According to the report, Horizon Worlds' vice president, Gabriel Aul, delivered a note to the team outlining the company's goals for 2023, with the primary goal of retaining users, both teens and young adults.

  • Mino Games raises $15M to create Dimensionals Web3 game: Mino Games has raised $15 million to create its Dimensionals collectible character game with Web3 features. Previous investors include Sybo Games and Andreessen Horowitz, and the company has raised $25 million to date. Mino Games will use the funds to accelerate the launch of its ambitious new franchise, Dimensionals, as the next major entrant in Web3 gaming.

  • Kingdomverse Taps ImmutableX to Launch World’s First Mobile Gaming Metaverse:  Kingdomverse, the first Mobile Gaming Metaverse (MGM) on the market, announces plans to launch on ImmutableX, the preferred platform for building and scaling web3 games on Ethereum. With Kingdomverse, the team is building a dynamic mobile game ecosystem for the masses centered around the core values of fun, user-friendliness, and digital ownership.

  • KuCoin Lists $KING, Kingdomverse Native Token: The First Mobile Gaming Metaverse Coin in the Web3 Space: $KING will be used to purchase in-game assets as well as across the Kingdomverse ecosystem. KuCoin listed $KING, Kingdomverse’s native token, on February 9, 2022. With an exciting Play-to-own mobile game, $KING will be used to purchase in-game assets such as spellbooks and other rare and limited edition items.

  • Web3 Gaming Platform Ajuna Raises $5M Led By CMCC Global: Ajuna Network has announced a $5 million round led by CMCC Global. The company also announced its non-fungible token (NFT) game collection “Awesome Ajuna Avatars”. In February 2022, Ajuna’s parent company BloGa Tech AG raised $2M in a seed round backed by Fundamental Labs.

  • Tower Pop raises $2.1M for Web3 battle royale/tower defense game Omega Royale: Tower Pop, a mobile gaming startup, has raised $2.8 million in a funding round led by Play Ventures and Agnitio Capital. The company is set to launch its unique battle royale game, Omega Royale, in alpha on the App Store and Google Play Store in March. The founders, Fredrik and Niklas Wahrman, hope to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry with their innovative approach.

  • Battle of Guardians Gets Listed on Steam: Battle of Guardians, a free-to-play fighting game made by Miracle Gates Entertainment, has recently been listed on Steam. Interested players can now wishlist the online title, with the developers stating in their announcement article that the initial version that will be available will be an early access demo. If you don’t want to wait for the Steam release, then you can already play the latest version of the game by downloading it from the official page. Next to getting listed on Steam, Battle of Guardians has also been updated with an improved map, an updated splash screen, a variety of new characters and more.

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