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Trpplffct Poetry Fund

Announcing the Trpplffct Poetry Fund

In the past few weeks I have soft-launched the trpplffct poetry fund. A fund that supports onchain poets who have not yet earned (much) income from their work. The grants inspire, encourage and support these poets towards earning an income onchain.

In these weeks, I've already received an enormous amount of support. From a generous donation in ETH from one of the stars of the onchain poetry world to a daily stream of degen tips on Farcaster, that are now close to guarantee the initial grant program to run for an entire year. Now it's time to share the details of this first grant program.

Onchain Poet of the Month.

Through the Onchain Poet of the Month program, we will spotlight a poem each month. This poet will receive a grant of 0.027 ETH on Base (roughly equivalent to 100 Euro). Next to the grant, the poet will have a poem featured in this newsletter and the minted poem will be promoted through my personal and newsletter accounts, also in direct cast groups.

And the winner gets...

Accepting the grant, the poet agrees to:

  • deliver a fresh poem;

  • mint a poem in a trpplffct collection to be named on base

  • can choose to split earning with the trpplffct wallet, between 3 and 9% to trpplffct is recommended

  • airdrop 1 edition of the poem to the trpplffct wallet

The poem will be airdropped to all Trpplr Hypersub subscribers by us.

Every month, 3 poets will be nominated. Holders of an active Trpplr Hypersub subscription will be eligible vote for these three nominees. The poet with the most votes will be elected Poet of the Month.

Support poetry, support the fund

You can help grow the fund, so we can keep supporting poets with the poet of the month program, and maybe even think of other ways to support onchain poets. For now there are 3 ways to help grow the fund:

  1. tip degen to any post of the trpplffct farcaster account;

  2. send ETH (on the Base network) to the trpplffct.eth wallet;

  3. collect a post from this magazine, starting with this one.

Collect this post to permanently own it.
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