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A change is coming

And it's coming here

Some baguette
and a round semolina
bread with yeast, as Berbers make it;
zaatar spiced melting pot -
our table.

Maybe you know that I publish 2 newsletters. This one, a bi-weekly listing of fresh onchain poetry, and another one through which I send a freshly poem every week, a creativity prompt for paid subscribers, once per month a guide for poets who want to travel the metaverse (web3) and once per month a minimalistic poem with pen on paper. That newsletter is currently on Substack. And this is going to change. I will integrate both, and it will all come here. So, a change is coming, and today I will give you a taste of that. With my weekly Friday poem, that I will share here as well. And... you can mint it, of course.

The poem is inspired by Chris Cocreated's Daily Bread project, and reflects how bread differs in different cultures.

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