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The joy of flight

We're enoying flying and music in your weekly poetry shot #191

From the back
of the plane an applause:
tourists clap for a safe landing, they
still believe in the magic
of flying.

This time, the post seems to not be going as well as I wanted. The idea was to tell you a story about how I used to go to the Dutch main airport Schiphol to see of family members. We would all go, and make it a fun outing. Flying was something special, then. I even remember my first flight, more than 40 years ago (ouch). I remember the bus ride to the airport. i remember the movie on the flight back home (the original 9 to 5). But I also remember that huge wooden apple from the times we would go and see off friends and family. A piece of art that people used to write their name on, or carve it in. The apple may have moved around the airport a few times, but it's still there. My name might also still be on it.

Flying has become less special over the last decades. To me, and to many, many others. Fortunately. there are still people applauding the pilot for a safe landing to remind us of the magic and joy of flying.

Poésie de la vie

Music can be poetry, and the music my new favorite musician makes is certainly that. Enjoy this tune by Papajams:

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