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Train ride

We're watching the landscape roll by in issue #192 of your weekly poetry shot.

View from a train window

The landscape
rolls by like one of these
old movies - I can almost hear that
rattle - giving me lots
to look at.

Travel never tires, at least not to me. Whether it's a flight, a train ride or a road trip, I love looking at the landscape gliding by and watching all the peculiarities of local mundanity. Farms, fields, factories.

What about you? Do you like looking at landscapes along the way, or do you prefer the familiarity of your own environment.

Poésie de la vie

Maybe you've noticed that I'm a bit of a fountain-pen ink afficionado. The fun part is that you can change the ink when you want, as long as you have a fountain pen with a converter. But how? This video shows you.

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