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Hoping for never again

We're remembering in issue #193 of your weekly poetry shot

The train does
not stop for two minutes
in paris this day, but I still think
about the fallen. More
than ever.

We had just boarded the plane a few years ago, and had heard the "boarding completed" announcement. The doors were closed, we were ready to taxi to the runway. But we didn't. It was 20h00 on 4 May. The moment the Dutch remember the end of World War II and all those who have fallen in wars before and since with a 2 minute silence. On board a KLM plane at a gate of Schiphol airport, that was what we did, and what the crew did as well. The world, even the world of aviation, stopped for 2 minutes.

Many countries have their moment of remembrance. Mostly at a different time than we do in The Netherlands. So, it's not always obvious for us to stand still for 2 minutes, but we do. Even on a subway train in Paris. Even when the world around us keeps spinning. And, as said, now more than ever. I hope we can one day fulfil that dream of never again, even though at this moment in history, that seems so far away.

But we can do it. We can get there.


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Poésie de la vie

Imagine a music composition playing for a thousand years. That's tha longplayer. It has a listening post in London, where you can sitnin a light tower, listen and imagine how rhenworld around it will change in the time it takes for the composition to play. At time of writing this, it has been playing for 24 years and 124 days. I'd say that's the beginning of the intro.

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