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Top-tier dreaming

We're dreaming and hugging in issue #195 of your weekly poetry shot

Dreaming of
Ajax away, and twice
two-nil at Feyenoord. Possible
again, just not in the

My hometown team is in the play-offs for promotion to the top tier. The first round, we could call it the quarter finals, I managed to go and see the match with my son. That was fun, and even though the match ended in 2-2, our team went through to the semi-final because the first leg was won.

I returned to seeing matches this year, after a long time not going to any. More than 20 years it has been. Back then, 'we' were playing in the top tier of Dutch football, and we were having an amazing season. We played well against legendary Ajax, and beat that other great Dutch team 2-0. Home and away. These play-off matches make us dream of doing that again.

What would be a dream scenario for you?

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Poésie de la vie

We all could use a hug some time. Inspired by a new movement on my social-network-protocol-of-choice, I looked up this video on YouTube. Even after all these years, and after having watched it multiple times, this makes me smile. I hope you smile, too. And feel hugged.

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