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We're traveling in your weekly poetry shot #196

Travel stress
strikes and hits an elder
just in front. "Where's my passport?" he asks,
then finding it in his

When traveling, especially by plane or some international trains, you will have to pass a security check. To be sure you're not bringing anything untoward aboard. So, when I was going through that, ,my trolley ended up being on top of another passenger's pouch. He had put it through the machine, where he probably should have used one of those trays, but he didn't. As the person in question was more aged than I was, I tried to help by handing it to him. He looked at me filled with suspicion, immediately checked whether his passport wasn't inside, and then asked me if I had taken it, as he couldn't find it. Of course I hadn't.

He was traveling with, what I assumed, was his wife and his daughter and her family. I said I just wanted to help and not to worry, I would wait until he had found it. He was growing more anxious by the minute, as he frantically searched his pouch, then his jacket. Meanwhile throwing accusatory looks in my direction. His daughter was apologising. Even more so when he found his passport in his backpocket. He didn't apologise. Didn't even say another word. Was it travel stress? Or something else?

I was on my way to something I was looking forward to. And I really enjoy travel. Whatever that poor man's issue was, I decided to leave it with him, and enjoy my journey. So, I did.

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Poésie de la vie

Sending and receiving postcards is quite poetic. Do you send postcards when you travel? In a modern way, with photos and images via any type of messenger service or your social media account? Or handwritten? I like doing both, but this video is also a very nice way of sending postcards.

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