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Today, let's explore:

  • Lens Updates: JamFrens | Lens Voice 🌿

  • MadFi Livestreams πŸ“Ί

  • Trusted Talent Winners πŸ₯‡

  • Curated Collects 🎨

  • Beer Taste 🍻

JamFrens: Redefining Web3 Social Capital? πŸš€

Revisiting JamFrens

You've probably heard of itβ€”the buzz is real and JamFrens is making waves. JamFrens is a dApp under Tako Protocol and powered by them.

While others tread carefully, JamFrens dives into Decentralised Social Networks, leaving Twitter's limits behind. No holding back, just freedom to connect and explore! Let’s dive πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Unlocking True Ownership

Through onchain tokenisation, JamFrens empowers users with true ownership of their social profiles, detached from β€œX” or any other centralised platforms.

This transformative process turns abstract influence into tangible value, inviting users to explore diverse paths within the vibrant creator economy.

The Power of Social Capital

JamFrens is gearing up to unlock a world of opportunities with Social Capital. It won't just be about investments or restricted chats; it's expected to open doors to endless possibilities.

JamFrens aims to empower users to explore avenues for sustainable earnings, nurturing a lively creator economy.

How does it work?

  • Users on JamFrens can buy/sell keys, supporting each other's Social Capital. This can be done under the 'Discover' Tab.

  • The discover feed on JamFrens allows users to explore activate profiles; more posts mean more visibility.

  • During the beta stage, there are no fees for buying and a 2% fee for selling (with a portion going to creators).

  • The fee process is transparent, rewarding the specific address linked to the lens profile at the time of the transaction. In contrast to typical black-box socialfi apps, JamFrens' approach ensures fairness and clarity.

  • Sharing exclusive content with key holders is encouraged; as @andresbriceno posted, it's a bit tricky due to beta, but hopefully the experience will be simple in the future.

    "If you are a holder of one of my keys just let me know because is still a little complex to figure out who are all of them (the app is still in beta)” - pure utility here πŸ”₯

  • JamFrens elevates the concept of keys beyond investments; they plan keys to be used as collateral or to access exclusive content in a more automated way.

What to Expect from JamFrens?

  • Seamless Lens Profile Integration: You can now easily link your Lens Profile to JamFrens using Wallet Connect, opening the doors to a world of opportunities and collaboration.

  • Vibrant Community Exploration: Dive into the diverse user base via JamFrens' discover feed, connecting with like-minded individuals seamlessly.

  • Integrated SocialFi Features: JamFrens plans to integrate SocialFi functionalities within its app and collaborate with other apps, dApps, and Protocols for diverse features. Gamification, utility, and support for networks like Farcaster are in the works.

  • Future Possibilities for Creators: Exciting features are on the horizon, allowing creators to identify top supporters and provide exclusive content for key holders.

  • Airdrop coming your way? JamFrens is exploring the possibility of an airdrop for creators to enhance the Creator Ecosystem.

Now let’s look at some data:

  • DefiLlama, the DeFi maestro analysis platform, is closely monitoring JamFrens' onchain adventures.

    Their data reveals that JamFrens' Total Value Locked (TVL) has soared to an impressive $8.62k.

    *TVL, or Total Value Locked, is the total worth of assets locked in a blockchain protocol. In the case of JamFrens, it's like a digital vault holding assets.

As I wrap up this piece, the app trading feature is in pause (as you can also notice in DeFiLlama's chart) as they're already working in launching some cool updates. It should be up and running by Oct 27th at 2PM UTC πŸ‘€

Curious to explore the world of JamFrens? We've got you covered! Just let us know, and we'll send an invite code your way.

Lens Voice: The show is about to start 🎀

As you may know, Lens Voice is the first-ever onchain Talent Show, and it's just about to start! Here's your backstage pass to all the action πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

How It Works:

  • Every Lens holder with a Phaver Account can showcase their singing talents in a thrilling competition.

  • 4 expert judges, including Cristina Spinei, James Finnerty, Ruthless, and Carla Monni, will select 3 members for their teams.

  • The competition spans 3 intense weeks, with each round eliminating 2 competitors.

  • In the grand finale, the remaining participants battle it out to claim the podium.

The Rewards

The top 3 singers become the FIRST Lens stars and bag amazing prizes:

  • Produce their first professional song with James and Cristina.

  • Win Phaver points: 1st place (10K points), 2nd place (7.5K points), 3rd place (5K points), 4th to 10th place (1K points).

  • Plus, all WMatic collected during the competition will be shared among the top 3.

Judging and Audience Engagement

  • Judges' Votes (1/3): Expert judges assess talent and performance, contributing one-third to the final score.

  • Lens Community Votes (1/3): Your votes directly influence results, forming one-third of the final score.

  • App Representatives' Votes (1/3): Lens app reps' votes count as one-third in the final score.

  • In the end, the final score is like a pie, divided into three equal parts, with each part carrying equal weight.

Special Guests and Themes

Lens Voice welcomes special guests like Karma Violetta, influential figures in the Lens music world.

Special guests can choose songs for contestants, provide performance feedback, and share valuable tips and tricks.

First Competitors Announcement

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! Meet the first members of the Lens Voice competition πŸŽ‰

Teamed up by Ruthless :

And guess what? They'll soon host their very first Spaces Show with some special guests.

Where? Yep, you guessed it – the Trust Me Bro Spaces πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

Yeah, we're back at it in partnership with Lens Voice! Starting next week, we'll be rolling out a series of Spaces sessions.

Our hosts Yakuza and Carla Monni will be taking the stage, joined by special guests.

We'll be chatting all things Lens Voice and music-related, so don't miss out on the fun!

Date and time of first Spaces to be confirmed soon.

Madfi Livestreams πŸ“Ί

Remember Madfi? Oh, how could you forget!

We dropped their alpha on our Trust Me Bro Spaces a few years back (well, it was actually August 29, but in web3 time, That's like, ancient history, you know😁)

Madfi has been busy. Subscriptions, badges, bounties – all in full swing. And guess what? They've cranked it up a notch with... LIVESTREAMS 🀯

Yup, you read it right! They did a test run and went live last Wednesday, the 25th.

@carlosbeltran and @natem (the MadFI co-founders) cracked open some beers (legends!) and had a great chat. Our sister @CarlaMoni was there too, of course!

Now, they're planning to make it a regular gig. More beer, more Solidity coding, guests roasting their code, and onchain rewards for the best roasts!

How cool is that? 😎

With Lens V2 just around the corner, you might soon join the livestream with just a click in Lens.

And hey, wherever there's beer, Trust Me Bro is there! We're chatting with Carlos Beltran to arrange a pint session soon 🍻

Stay tuned for updates, and if you missed our podcast about MadFi, catch it hereπŸŽ™

Trusted Talent #08 ⭐

In this week's edition, we're thrilled to announce not just the winners but also our way of saying thanks, by rewarding the Winner πŸ€‘

Congratulations to both for bagging the top spot! And thanks @jamesfinnerty for shilling it!

A round of applause for securing the second position! And s/o to Yakuza for nominating it!

Kudos to for claiming the third spot! Well done! Cheers to @dmcsvn for sharing it!

The prize will be split between the Duo of Winners & sent out to their walletsπŸ’Έ

Big thanks to everyone who actively participated by nominating, voting, and collecting.

Your involvement truly makes Trusted Talent shine ✨

Curated Collects 🎡

Let's talk Music this week!

Meet @internetfase, our master of beats 🎢

He calls himself a "multi-genre music producer guy" and you might not know this, but he dropped his first beats on Lens back on October 29, 2022.

Since then, he's been serving us a new track every week, and each one just keeps getting better. Every single week, he delivers 🀯

His latest creation, "wicked," is an absolute vibe. Trust us; you don't want to miss out. Give it a listen here πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Oh, and btw each track gets its own unique artwork, courtesy of the talented stellarhobbes.

Stay in the groove; follow @internetfase across ALL platforms:

Don't miss out on his contagious beats πŸ•ΊπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ

Beer Taste: Broccoli - A Mystery Brew 🍺

Welcome to our latest beer trip, featuring the enigmatic brew, Broccoli, straight from the innovative minds at Other Half Brewing Company (NYC).

  • Broccoli Brew: from Other Half Brewing Company, surprises with pineapple, citrus, mango, and white grape notes. Despite the name, there's no trace of brocolli πŸ™πŸΌ ; it's a captivating mystery brew πŸ₯¦

  • Other Half Brewing: Bold Innovation! Founded in 2014 by Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan, and Andrew Burman, Other Half Brewing Company is renowned for its daring and unique brews, like Broccoli 🍻

  • Unlock the Mystery: If you're in NYC, don't miss out the opportunity to uncover its secrets. Head to Other Half Brewing Company, grab a can, and embark on a taste adventure into the unexpected and let Yakuza knows how it tastes πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚

Why the name? No clue! It's one of those mysteries πŸ˜„

Go check them out πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

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