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Lens in Miami | V1 Posts Are Back | Buttrfly Updates & More

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  • This week's takes:

    • Lens Protocol in Miami 🌴

    • Lens V1 posts are back 🀝🏽

    • Buttrfly Updates πŸ¦‹

    • Trusted Talent #11 - AI Art πŸ€–

    • Curated Collects - The Mushroom Forest πŸ„

    • Beer Taste 🍻

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Lens Protocol at Gateway Miami 🌴

Hey Lens fam πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Gateway Miami is gearing up to set the stage on fire during Miami Art Week, and Lens Protocol is right there in the spotlight, ready to elevate the digital art experience.

Lens Protocol & NFT Now Collaboration

Lens Protocol is making a mark at Gateway Miami by teaming up with NFT Now, bringing a fusion of creativity and technology to the vibrant atmosphere of Miami Art Week.

NFTNOW, the creative powerhouse, caught up with some incredible artists who are set to showcase their latest works. The Lens x NFT Now activation promises an exclusive opportunity to claim Clem, the tropical Fini, whose moods sync with your Lens Protocol activity. Sick, ain't it?

Gateway Miami Exhibitors

NFT Now is unveiling Ekos Genesis at Gateway Miami, a showstopper exhibition featuring 600 unique art pieces in the Ekos Genesis Art Collection. This collection boasts 1/1 digital art by visionaries like David Maisel, founder of Marvel Studios & Mythos Studios, and artists Michael Turner & Peter Steigerwald.

RSVP now at to be part of this artistic extravaganza.

Gateway Miami Event Highlights

The crypto scene is warming up, and web3 is stepping into the spotlight right on cue for Gateway Miami. Imagine this: the fabulous Faena Forum in South Beach is turning into a vibrant digital art garden.

Lens Protocol is right there, rubbing shoulders with big names like Christie’s, LG Art Lab, Mercedes-Benz NXT, SHISEIDO, Wilder World, and Atomic Form. It's going to be epic! 🌐

Expect a great venue, fireside chats, keynote speakers, and a dose of surprise announcements from all the participants. This year's theme, "Blossoming" celebrates the creativity and resilience of artists in full bloom. Like our garden, IYKYK πŸ˜‰

Save the Dates: Dec 06 - 08

Make sure your calendar is marked for Gateway Miami 2023. Lens Protocol, NFT Now, and a myriad of creative minds are gearing up to turn Miami Art Week into an unforgettable experience.

Planning to be in Miami? Drop us a line and, if you make it to the event, share your pics with us πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Lens V1 posts are back for collection 🀝🏽

During the migration from Lens V1 to V2, a snag emerged – the inability to collect posts shared pre-V2. This caught the attention of some Lens OGs who had been actively posting and reposting the issue.

But guess what? There's good news! The Lens Devs Team, led by the one and only Josh, swiftly intervened and worked their magic to solve the issue πŸ’₯

As Josh shared, "This is not the case anymore; you can now collect V1 follow-only publications!"

Now, collecting those cherished V1 posts is back on the menu, showcasing the collaborative spirit of the Lens community and its Devs in tackling web3 challenges 🌐

Last but not least, we need to give a huge shoutout to Alan for fixing the issue!

Buttrfly Updates πŸ¦‹

Here's some quick updates from the One Man Show MOΞ. Grab that beer because Buttrfly just got even more exciting with some fresh features on the menu.

1 - Add or remove profile managers 🀝🏽

  • Profile Manager Sign-in: Now, you can sign in as a profile manager for any profile you've got access to on Buttrfly. This means you can seamlessly share profile access across multiple users or wallets. It's all about making your social exploration smoother and more collaborative.

  • Adding or Removing Profile Managers: Managing access is a breeze. Navigate to Settings Β» Profile Managers Β» Add Manager, then enter the wallet address you want to add as a manager. Need to remove someone? Easy, peasy.

  • Profile Switching Note: While you can't directly switch between profiles yet, don't worry; it's on the roadmap. For now, a quick sign-in will do the trick. And yes, multiple profile support is coming your way.

  • Delegate Social Actions: Buttrfly isn't just about exploration; it's about social actions too. Swap between profiles and delegate those social moves like a Bro πŸ’₯

2 - Your Onchain IDs πŸ†”

  • Buttrfly takes your social experience to the next level by unveiling Onchain IDs, including ENS and Farcaster, alongside shared activities like mutual POAPs.

    Now, your interactions are not just about profiles; they're about making meaningful connections and fostering a community built on trust and safety.

    Check it out! Just head to any Profile screen, then tap on 'Profile Stats & Details' to discover more about user identities and shared activities πŸš€

    S/O to Airstack for powering this feature πŸ‘πŸ½

(If you are not using Buttrfly yet, you can check it and download it here : )

Btw, we love you MOΞ β™₯

Trusted Talent #11 - AI Art πŸ€–

🌟 Just a quick reminder that our Trusted Talent AI Art week is still in full swing. Haven't shared your favorite AI-generated Lens collectibles yet? Now's the perfect moment!

πŸ‘‰ Drop those mesmerizing AI art links in the comments and let the creativity flow. Winner will take 5 WMatic home! Nominations are open until next week!

🎨 Don't miss out on the chance to support our talented creators and be part of AI art celebration, by collecting the post for as little as 0.25 WMatic.

Curated Collects - The Mushroom Forest πŸ„

This one is a great post! Here's the lowdown πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Ruthless took a stroll through a German forest with his four-legged buddy, decided to film it and it turned into a wild adventure 🐢

He found mini creatures, a sneaky salamander, and decided to taste some forest mushrooms πŸ„

Things got interesting, to say the least 😁 The cherry on the top? The narration! Picture David Attenborough, but more laid-back!

This isn't your usual documentary; it's a chill and amusing forest exploration!

Watch as the mushrooms work their magic πŸ€ͺ

Beer Taste 🍻

🌐 World's Top 5 Beers 2023: Sip Around the Globe 🍻

Hey beer enthusiasts! In a world where beer unites us all, let's take a journey through the globe's most beloved brews. With a market valued at a whopping $790 billion, beer is the universal language of celebration and friendship.

πŸ† Top 5 Most Valuable Beers

According to Brand Finance, Heineken leads the pack as the world's most valuable beer brand, valued at a staggering $7.6 billion. Corona Extra follows closely at $7.4 billion, showcasing the global preference for high-quality premium lagers.

  1. Heineken ($7.6 billion)

  2. Corona Extra ($7.4 billion)

  3. Budweiser ($6.7 billion)

  4. Bud Light ($5.9 billion)

  5. Modelo Especial ($4.2 billion)

πŸ“± Top 5 Most Popular Beers on Untappd

The beer community on Untappd has spoken! Check-ins reveal a mix of American and European favourites. Guinness Draught leads the pack, proving that this macro stout transcends borders, capturing the hearts of beer enthusiasts worldwide.

  1. Guinness Draught

  2. Bud Light

  3. Miller Lite

  4. Heineken

  5. Lagunitas Brewing Co. IPA

🌍 Top 5 Best-Selling Beers in the World

GlobalData Consumer's sales data unveils the best-selling beer brands worldwide. From Snow to Budweiser, these beers have achieved international acclaim.

  1. Snow

  2. Budweiser

  3. Tsingtao

  4. Bud Light

  5. Skol

πŸ’₯Next up: Sip your Heineken in Amsterdam, raise a beachy toast with Corona, or chill with a Snow in China. Cheers to these global thirst-busters!

So, what's your favourite beer from these lists? Let us know 🍻

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