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Hey Lens Fam! 👋

We've got something exciting to share: a great collaboration by, the revolutionary NFT marketplace that's reshaping the music industry's relationship with artists and fans.

What's the Buzz? 🐝 is more than just a marketplace; it's a movement that puts listeners in the front seat of music discovery. Here's what you need to know:

  • Discover and Collect: Dive into the world of your favorite songs, listening for free, and collecting to stake your claim as an early enthusiast.

  • Direct Artist Support: 100% of your support goes straight to the artists. No middleman, just pure support for the creators to focus on what they do best—create.

  • Unlock Exclusive Perks: Connect with artists, build relationships, and unlock exclusive rewards by building your unique collection.

Empowering Artists to Own Their Beat 🚀 is backed by a powerhouse team, including a16z Crypto, Snoop Dogg, Ryan Tedder, and more. Their mission? To create a world where artists thrive on their music alone, and listeners actively shape the music discovery landscape.

What is All About? 🎶, founded in December 2021, is an NFT marketplace tailored for music NFTs. Powered by Ethereum and the Optimism Layer 2 network, it uses IPFS for decentralized storage, ensuring a seamless experience for both artists and listeners.

The marketplace not only allows users to track music NFT trends but also serves as a platform for artists, big and small, to shine. It eliminates intermediaries, providing a direct connection between artists and their fanbase. on L2s: Breaking Free from High Gas Costs 🚄

Say goodbye to high gas costs!, in partnership with the Optimism Collective, is making its way to Layer 2. This means a smoother, cost-effective experience for artists and collectors alike.

Lens Protocol Partnership: Turning Music Social 🌿

Because music is social, partnered with Lens Protocol. Now, you can seamlessly share any song or playlist on Sound to Lens. The synergy of Soundxyz_ and Lensprotocol opens up new possibilities, allowing you to earn Curator Rewards when someone mints through your link. Exciting, right?

Buttrfly App Integration: Music, Now at Your Fingertips ️🦋🦋

Hold on, there's more! Buttrfly app has integrated, bringing you a dynamic audio experience. View and play @lens/sound_ content directly in Buttrfly. Whether it's Lens tracks or Sound links, immerse yourself in the music while exploring Buttrfly.

Join the Sonic Revolution 🎧 is not just a marketplace; it's a celebration of music, artists, and fans coming together. Music meets the blockchain, and let the harmonies of and Lens Protocol amplify your experience.

Cheers to the beats that connect us all 🕺🏽💃🏽

Phaver Keeps the Momentum 🔥

Phaver, the dynamic social media platform powered by Lens Protocol & CyberConnect, is making waves at India Blockchain Week & ETH India in Bangalore.

Web3 Social Event Alert: Join Phaver's very own Tomi Fyrqvist and friends from CyberConnect for an exclusive Web3 Social event on December 10th. It's a rendezvous of Web3 enthusiasts and creators!

📣 Community Buzz: Phaver's impact is resonating! A community member shared, "I'm convinced that Joonatan Lintala and the team at Phaver are cooking up something massive for early adopters/supporters like you and I. 💪🏽🥳"

🌍 The Power of Physical Meetings: Another member praised Phaver's move, highlighting the significance of physical meetings in maximizing the potential of Web3. It's a strategic step forward!

🎁 Exclusive Invite: Are you in Bangalore for the action? This event is invite-only, creating an intimate space for meaningful connections. Join their India Telegram group for more details and secure your spot in the Web3 rendezvous!

Not in Bangalore? Share where you'd like to see Phaver's next big move 🚀

Oh, and just whilst I'm wrapping up this article, Phaver came up with a new drop 👀

Phaver has launched a new feature called Holder Communities:

  • Holder Communities are Web3-native homes for NFT communities and anyone else who wants to take control of their own audience.

  • In the first pilot, a select list of premium partner projects and KOLs will host their own Communities.

  • The old Topics have been migrated into the Community system and Private Communities have been introduced.

  • Posting into Communities happens from inside them, while the familiar "+" button posts into your own profile.

  • The first 10 posters in each of the new Holder Communities will receive an extra 1000 Points. You can check it out here

Guys at Phaver!!! Can I finish this week's newsletter or are you about to drop something else? 😁

JamFrens JamJar 🎉

JamFrens is thrilled to invite ALL creators to participate in the "Open The Jar & Spread The Jam" event! 🚀🎶 #JamJar

How to Join:

  1. Comment "I have opened the #JamJar from #JamFrens!" on this post:

  2. Create a post on Lens describing your understanding of #JamFrens, and share what you like/dislike about it!

  3. Include the hashtags #JamFrens & #JamJar in your post 💜

Express yourself through various content forms like music, art, etc. Bonus points for creativity and humor! 😄

Winning Rewards: Handpicked winners will receive whitelists and points, promising future utility on JamFrens. The event runs for approximately a week. 🥳

And….. that’s not all!!

Teaser Alert: Something new is dropping next week 💣

Keep an eye out as JamFrens is prepping exciting updates!

Trust Me Bro Spaces Highlights 🎙

Bro Nation, in case you missed this week's Show hosted by Carla and Yakuza let's give you the highlights:

🍹 Sip of the Day: Yakuza enjoyed Adega Da Vila Red 2020, a smooth Portuguese red wine. And that's how we set the mood!

🎤 Star of the Hour: Ruthless took the spotlight, sharing insights into music, videos, and navigating the web3 waves.

🌐 Show Highlights:

  • TMB Spaces Updates: We’re exploring new platforms and formats.

  • TMB Newsletter Scoop: Our weekly newsletter keeps unveiling the latest in the Lens universe.

  • Trusted Talent: Quick update on this week’s AI Art Lens creators. See who's the Winner in the next article.

  • Lens Voice Series: Updates on the ongoing competition.

🎶 Lens Voice Series Highlights:

  • The Lens Voice series is heating up! Kudos to Ckoda , the crowned champion of the Karma Violetta first round.

  • Second round is in progress. among the 7 participants 4 will be selected to participate to the grand Finale, where Nilesh, Yakuza and Ali will be the final judges.

🔮 Mythical Moments with Ruthless: Ruthless opened up about his web3 journey, delving into the enchanting world of the Lens-focused AI Chatbot. He shared his diverse Lens projects covering a wide range of artistic expressions.

Ruthless gave us a glimpse into his multifaceted Lens projects, showcasing a diversity of creative endeavours. From music to videos, his lens presence is nothing short of talent.

🎙 Lens Voice Expectations: As a Judge in the Lens Voice series, Ruthless shared his expectations and excitement. His unique perspective adds a dynamic touch to the competition. We discussed tech ideas to improve this kind of contests on Lens and looks like Ruthless will get his apron on to start cooking 👀

🔗 Lens Community Connection: Ruthless emphasized the significance of community in Lens, highlighting the supportive atmosphere that fuels creativity. Lens isn't just a platform; it's a vibrant community where artists collaborate and thrive.

🌟 Closing Note: The Trust Me Bro Spaces with Ruthless was a mind-blowing explosion of creativity, beats, and magical vibes.

Btw, this was the first Show hosted on Huddle01. Thanks to everyone who turned up!

Trusted Talent #11 Winner: AI Art Week! 🤖

Lens fam, the AI Art Week was a blast, and we have a standout artist to celebrate 🎨

👑 Winner: @larryscruff aka Brian J. Sanlon!

Shilled by Yakuza, Brian wowed us with "Collection of images I made with an illustrative LORA in Stable Diffusion." 🌟 Brian and his unique take on AI art snagged the top spot.

🎉 Brian, congrats on your win! You've earned 5 WMatic🤑 .

Thanks to all for making our Trusted Talent Art Gallery awesome 🙌

Come check Brian's post:

Beer Banter: Meet the Rothaus Tannenzäpfle! 🌲

Let's dive into the German world of beers with the Rothaus Tannenzäpfle – a timeless classic since 1956🍻

Rothaus Tannenzäpfle is a classic German pilsner that is made with the best ingredients, including aromatic hops from Tettnang and Hallertau, local malt from spring barley, and the purest spring water from the Black Forest. This gives it a unique spicy and fresh taste.

Sip & Savour:

  • Look: This beer wears a bright, golden yellow hue, topped with a foam crown fit for a royal sipper!

  • Odor: Close your eyes and breathe in the essence of meadow herbs, instantly teleporting you to the idyllic High Black Forest.

  • Taste: Brace yourself for a taste adventure! The dance of hop bitterness and malt sweetness creates a whirlpool of flavors, unveiling a new experience with every sip. A true Black Forest original! 🌲🍺

So, why not add a dash of foam to your day with a sip of the Rothaus Tannenzäpfle? Btw, this is one of Ruthless favourite beers 🙌

"Our Rothaus Pils, a beer like we Black Foresters ourselves. Honest, robust and strong in character." Mario Mutter, regional sales manager for the Hochschwarzwald region

We got you mate, you look really robust 😁 💪

That's all for this week!

Thanks for reading 🚀

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