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    • Lens V2 Unveiled 🚀

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    • Triviatown.eth 🎮

    • Trusted Talent #09 - MUSIC Winner 🎵

    • Beer Taste 🍻

Lens V2 Unveiled: A New Chapter in Social Protocols 🚀

Lens Protocol takes a bold leap forward with the unveiling of Lens V2, representing a significant milestone after a year of valuable insights and progress.

A few hiccups might remain, but let's focus on the exciting transformations that have unfolded.

Key Upgrades and Features:

  • Profile-Based Social Operations: All social operations are now Profile-based, ensuring actions are performed within the context of a Profile, enhancing security and accountability.

  • Optimised Follow NFTs: Follow NFTs have been optimised for seamless user experience. They now exist in two states: Unwrapped (tied to the follower Profile) and Wrapped (ERC-721 state) for enhanced composability with other protocols.

  • Advanced Referral System: Lens V2 introduces an advanced referral system, empowering users to seamlessly connect and expand their networks.

  • Publication Action Modules: The addition of Publication Action Modules, also known as Open Actions, opens doors to diverse interactive possibilities within the Lens ecosystem.

  • Delegated Executors: Delegated Executors offer enhanced flexibility and efficiency, allowing users to delegate specific actions, streamlining social interactions.

  • TokenGuardian Pattern: A robust security measure, the TokenGuardian pattern, has been implemented on both Profiles and Handles, providing additional layers of protection for social assets.

  • Lens Handles as ERC721s: Lens Handles have transitioned into ERC721 tokens, managed by a separate contract, ensuring seamless and standardised management.

  • Code Rewrite: The entire codebase has been reworked and rewritten from scratch, ensuring robustness, scalability, and efficiency.

  • Open Actions / Smart Posts: With Open Actions, developers can build Smart Posts - interactions with any external smart contract in a Lens publication. Examples?

    • Tipping in any ERC-20 token

    • Betting

    • Smart ads

    • Pay to read the rest

    • Crowdfunding

    • Interact with ENS from a Lens app

    • Interact with Aave or Uniswap from a Lens app

    • And more. Sick, ain't it? And this is only the beginning!

With these groundbreaking changes, Lens Protocol is set to redefine the landscape of social interactions, offering us a more secure, intuitive, and versatile environment to connect, collaborate, and thrive.

Are you excited about the possibilities Lens V2 brings to the world of web3 social interactions?

Introducing Where Film Meets Web3 Innovation 🎥

Hey there, film aficionados and blockchain enthusiasts! Gather around for some exciting news. Let us introduce you to, a revolutionary film studio embracing the power of community and Web3 technology.

  • What is

    Imagine a film studio where creative minds unite, where movies are not just produced, but co-created by passionate individuals like you. is not your ordinary studio—it's a democratic, community-driven space that puts the art of cinema front and center.

  • The Birth of Where Web3 Meets Cinema 🌐 was born from the innovative spirit of its founders, inspired by the making of ELECTRIC CHILD, a gripping sci-fi thriller directed by the award-winning filmmaker Simon Jaquemet. As a response to the challenges faced by traditional film financing, aims to bridge the gap between Web3 technology and the film industry's creative potential.

  • Membership Token ($BOLT): A Summer Tale from Last Year 🚀

    Last summer, the cinematic revolution began with the launch of $BOLT, a digital social token exclusively designed for the community. This token isn't about trading for cryptocurrencies—it's your ticket to a world of exclusive benefits and rewards within our vibrant community.

  • What Can You Do with $BOLT?

    $BOLT isn't just a token; it's your gateway to a plethora of cinematic experiences. While it can't be traded for real money, it holds immense value within our ecosystem:

    • Exchange for Rewards: Swap $BOLT for cinema-related collectibles, merchandise, and more, enriching your movie-loving journey.

    • Participate in Engaging Activities: Engage in community quests, lead discussions, and participate in marketing initiatives to earn $BOLT and unlock exclusive perks.

    • Rank Up: Climb the ranks within our Discord community, gaining access to new channels and roles, plus free mint rewards for top $BOLT earners.

  • Join the DAO: Your Voice, Your Film 🤝

    At the heart of lies its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As a DAO member, you're not just a spectator; you're a decision-maker:

    • Enjoy Exclusive Perks: Gain access to exclusive content, red carpet premieres, producer credits, and unique collectibles, all thanks to your DAO membership.

    • Submit Film Projects: Have a movie idea? Submit your projects for funding consideration and turn your vision into reality.

    • Influence Funding Strategies: Be part of the decision-making process, shaping the direction of the DAO and the films we support.

  • How Can You Contribute? Ready to be a part of the cinematic revolution? Here's how:

    • Join the Community: Dive into our vibrant community, where film enthusiasts and blockchain aficionados collaborate to bring exciting projects to life.

    • Shape the Future: Start voting on project proposals using the funds raised, becoming an active participant in the evolution of

Exciting times are ahead, as apparently they are about to drop something new...👀 Stay tuned.

The world of awaits you - go redefine cinema, one frame at a time🎬

You can join and follow across their platforms:

Triviatown.eth: Where Fun Meets Web3 🎮

Here's the lowdown: Triviatown.eth, created by Prashant (prxshant.eth), took the web3 world by storm last weeks. Over 100 web3 wallets got hooked on this trivia game powered by XMTP, and you can launch your own trivia extravaganza too!

  • The Backstory 🧵

    It all started at ETH NYC's happy hour for the XMTP ecosystem. No emails, no phone numbers—just DM an XMTP bot for entry. RSVPs, check-ins, and POAP distribution? All seamlessly done on XMTP.

    Inspired by the success, the thought struck—why not run an entire web3 conference or engage attendees with trivia games via XMTP?

  • Game On 🎮

    With a little help from Chainjetio, a test trivia game was swiftly shipped. Purchase the ensdomains, set up auto-responses in ChainJet, and voila—Trivia Town was born, attracting 110+ players in just 48 hours from platforms like LensProtocol, Twitter, and Farcaster.

    Boom! 💥 The game was live and caught us all by surprise!!

    Did you check in the competitive spirit? So many familiar faces from Lens on the leaderboard! And the grand finale? Prashant effortlessly awarded the top 10 winners through their wallets.

    Smooth web3 payment rails in action! The real deal? The instant buzz and engagement that Trivia Town stirred up in record time.

  • Why Web3 Teams Should Dive into Gaming? 🎲

    • Games lead to enjoyable experiences, not just web3 tech talks.

    • A push for a user-friendly onboarding experience—no BS.

    • Games foster a community that grows organically, by getting everyone involved!

  • In a Nutshell 😎

    TriviaTown.eth isn't just a game; it's where fun gets a taste of web3 vibes. As the trivia buzz settles, the good times keep rolling.

    Craving a web3-native game for your community? Dive into the adventure! DM Prashant at prxshant.eth, and make the magic happen.

Trusted Talent #09 - MUSIC 🎵

Hey music lovers!

Drumroll, please... 🥁 The moment we've all been waiting for is here!

After two weeks of incredible nominations and musical magic, we're thrilled to announce the winner of Trusted Talent #09 - MUSIC 🎶.

🏆 And the Winner is... 🏆

Cristina Spinei with the song "Nyx". This masterpiece took the lead with 8 votes

Nominated by: Yakuza

Cristina's captivating piece, titled "Nyx 🌌," wowed the Lens community with its atmospheric piano vibes inspired by the enchanting nights of Fall. After winning the last Trusted Talent in a duo, yup, Cristina takes it again! Big congrats to her for owning the spotlight with her awesome musical skills 🎉

🎶 About the Winning Song: "Nyx"

Cristina shares, "The fourth loop from my set of CC0 loops! 🎶 This one is my favorite!! These 5 atmospheric piano pieces were inspired by long Fall nights. Use these for your own music, film, audiovisual works, anything! I can't wait to see your creations!"

Wanna listen to it? 👇🏽

A Special Thanks to All Nominees and Voters!

Our community showcased its musical diversity and creativity throughout this edition. A big shoutout to everyone who participated, nominated, and voted – you're the heartbeat of Trusted Talent 💕

Beer Taste - Holly Day Porter: Festive Vibes in Every Sip! 🍻

Hey beer lovers!

Let’s embark on a merry journey with Holly Day Porter, a delightful brew that encapsulates the essence of the holiday season. Originating from the vibrant world of London's 18th-century breweries, this dark, velvety elixir has become a global sensation, captivating beer lovers far and wide.

  • What Makes it Special? Picture this: a rich, malty base adorned with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee. That’s Holly Day Porter for you! Its festive charm and robust flavors make it a must-have during the winter months. Crafted with care and passion, it’s the embodiment of holiday spirit in a glass.

  • Perfect Pairings: Wondering what to pair it with? This porter beer finds its best companions in hearty winter fare. Imagine sipping Holly Day Porter alongside comforting stews and savory meat dishes – a culinary symphony that elevates your taste buds to new heights.

  • Spread the Festive Cheer: So, as the holiday lights twinkle and the laughter fills the air, raise your glass to Holly Day Porter. Let its warmth and richness envelop you in a cozy embrace, making every sip a moment to remember.

  • Join the Celebration: Embark in the festive spirit with Holly Day Porter – where tradition meets taste, and every sip feels like a celebration! 🎄🍻

Btw, this beer was spotted in a post from our Guru from @Orbapp, Nilesh. Can you see it? 😁

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