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Turtle Surpasses 20,000 Members: A Testament to bringing value to our Members

20K+ Turtle Members

We're excited to announce that Turtle has reached a new milestone with over 20,000 members! Our growth is a reflection of the tremendous value we create for our members, as we continue to deepen our integrations and collaborations within the blockchain ecosystem.

The Turtle team emphasizes their commitment to making the web3 landscape a fairer and more secure place for all. By raising security standards and transparency across the board, in addition to opening up backroom liquidity deals for smaller and larger LPs alike, Turtle is ushering in a new wave of liquidity to our partner protocols.

As we grow, Turtle is laser-focused to accelerating these efforts, establishing more partnerships and bringing even more value and opportunities to our community.

We would like to thank all 20,000 members for riding with us!

ğŸŽ© Team Turtle Club 🐢

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