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Linea x Turtle

A Legendary Partnership

Linea, home to numerous Turtle ecosystem partners, stands as a layer 2 zkEVM solution constructed on Ethereum.

Unveiling TurtleDAO on Linea

With the recent Surge of Linea and Turtle, we proudly announce the launch of the TurtleDAO treasury on Linea. We firmly believe that Linea's secure, scalable, and vibrant ecosystem lays a solid groundwork for the growth of TurtleDAO. Turtle is fully dedicated to introducing the Turtle MasterDAO, overseeing governance, and compensating contributors within the Linea ecosystem. Concurrently, we are intensifying security evaluations, enhancing liquidity depth and fostering opportunities across Linea.

Elevating Turtle Linea Yield

Linea has officially sanctioned Turtle.Club as an exotic dApp, granting all Turtle Linea Liquidity Providers (LPs) additional LXP-L Veteran Points. Consequently, Turtle Linea LPs will enjoy a 5% multiplier on all LXP-L rewards accrued during the Surge campaign. This enhancement supplements the LXP-L activity multiplier inherent to Linea LPs actively deploying liquidity within the Linea ecosystem. This presents over 700k+ unique Linea users with a chance to augment their yields by pledging liquidity to Turtle.Club's expanding protocol ecosystem, including Linea! This empowerment allows both Turtle and Linea LPs to optimize their earnings and cultivate Turtle yield boosts across every layer within the Linea ecosystem, including:

1. Linea LXP-L rewards: Turtle Linea 5% LXP-L multiplier.

2. Asset Protocols: weETH, ezETH, and wrsETH, with additional RWAs and Stablecoin protocols forthcoming.

3. Linea dApps: ZeroLend,, Renzo,, Kelp, with Lynex & Velocore joining soon.

4. Linea Vault Aggregators: Turtle.Club's forthcoming vault aggregators to be launched in the coming weeks and months.

Augmenting Turtle Linea Referral Benefits

Turtle members utilizing the Turtle/Linea referral link ( will receive an added Turtle LXP-L referral boost, in addition to the 5% LXP-L multiplier for the Turtle TGE. These supplementary rewards will be seamlessly integrated, monitored and showcased on the Turtle dashboard, eventually converting to Turtle Governance Tokens at the TGE. We appreciate your patience as we update both our front- and backend to incorporate the referral boost mechanism.

Revolutionizing Web3 Liquidity

Turtle stands as the pioneer phantom liquidity protocol, devoid of smart contracts, counterparty risks, or protocol/gas fees for LPs. Our core mission revolves around fostering fairness and transparency within Web3, elevating Web3 security benchmarks and democratizing access to liquidity opportunities across the Web3 landscape. Discover more about Turtle at:

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