Didier Bécet 3D work is available on Spatial.io

JANUARY 26TH, 2022

“We are very happy to be able to put forward the work of our father,” says Adrien Bécet – son of the late artist Didier Bécet.

As a loving tribute, Adrien and his brother David have set upon themselves to bring a new dimension to their father’s work – by creating a process that could revolutionize 3D scanning techniques for NFTs and the metaverse.


“We first set up a photo studio in the workshop, then hung the canvas in the center of it,” Adrien explains. “We then placed the lights to remove the shadows on the painting. Then we took pictures from all angles using David's equipment and process.”

The photos were then color corrected and imported for the reconstruction process.

“During the reconstruction, the software will match and align all the photos, to create a point of cloud on the painting,” Adrien continues. “The cloud is used to create a mesh.”

From there some cleanup is required on a different software platform - to achieve an accurate representation of the painting. It currently takes about a half a day’s work between capture, cleanup, and the final model.


The Bécet brothers see what’s happening in the NFT space as a logical continuation of the Internet and video games - and other tech from their childhood years. Though there are still things that need to be developed, they believe their scanning process will help elevate both the NFT world and the metaverse.

“NFTs have a great future ahead of them and a lot of things to bring us because there is no limit to the imagination.”  

Adrien also sees a bigger picture with 3D scanning – and feels that in the future everyone will have a place in the metaverse.

 “Let's say you own some artworks, a car or even some clothes that you like a lot, you would want them in your metaverse,” he says. “That's where 3D scanning comes in.”

And with great power comes great responsibility – as Adrien finds that new doors will open with the continuing rise of NFTs and the metaverse.

“Artists will be free to be who they really are without worrying about the rules to be accepted in galleries or other places,” he says. “They will be able to live more easily from their work.” 

Adrien also believes that because of this rise, there will be no more need for intermediaries sharing profits with people who did not create the works.”  

“We are also very close to the art world, and we know the problems of selling and promoting artists that were previously controlled by galleries, agents and magazines,” says Adrien - who adds with optimism: “Today everyone has the chance to develop themselves without judgment or constraint. Everyone can build their future without needing the approval of anyone and this is a great advance.”  

But in the meantime, there’s a higher calling for the Bécet brothers’ project – and that is to celebrate the work of their father.

“The most important thing for us, in all this, is to give him visibility and create a community around his art,” says Adrien. “Thanks to social networks, we managed to reach thousands of people who could appreciate his work and it feels really good.”

A virtual gallery of Didier Bécet 3D work is available on Spatial.io.


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