JANUARY 23RD, 2024

Note: If you can translate this into your native language, please do and let us know. Art may transcend language barriers but all I have are my words. Thank you in advance for sharing.

The best sales tactic cryptocurrency utilized was the idea of community: rally around a cause, create a frenzy, connect with others, and generate wealth.

In a purely utopian manner, this idea is fantastic. It’s what pushes grassroots movements to the brink of societal change (e.g. Occupy Wall Street, GameStop).

Here in web3, that’s how it starts, until the price bottoms out.

A variety of things can go wrong that disrupt the momentum. The most glaring being drifting away from the fundamentals you based the movement around or an unsustainable excitement around a shallow ideal.

So, rather than perpetuate the problem with another token and create a beehive of chaos with randomized airdrops of absurd amounts which leave many out and add to the immense communal FOMO, I want to do something different.

There is almost no way to keep this token out of the hands of the same cryptocurrency influencers that create 100x pump and dumps. They will find their way here. Some are in my DMs now, still asking if I need help promoting my project.

It’s tempting.

It could alleviate a lot of stress and give me some security that this would become a success. It could make me incredibly wealthy and accelerate a lot of my plans.

The only way I can keep that temptation at bay is to give this token away to the deserving.

Give it to those who support the things I want to see succeed in this space: the small unknown artists, bands playing tiny venues, and independent filmmakers with limited budgets.

So when the whales do come, we all benefit.

There will be three tiers of distribution: Engagement, Personal and Community.

Tier 1: Incentivized Engagement

One of the biggest issues for unknown artists, creators, or projects is getting the proper attention they desperately need. We are at the behest of an indifferent, fickle algorithm that rewards the loudest over the deserving.

To bring cohesion to the community, reward those helping to amplify the unseen, and elevate the conversation, $GRND will be distributed to those who engage with UNDRGRND content.

Some examples:

  • Like, ReTweet = 1,000 - 5,000 $GRND

  • E-mail Sign Up = 2,500 $GRND

  • Thoughtful Comments = 10,000 $GRND

Providing information, interacting with content, and progressing the conversation are actions that help build an engaged and active community. It helps create a positive feedback loop for those responsible for nurturing that environment.

This will also remove the barrier of entry for those who cannot afford to purchase the token at whatever the possible future market dictates. Some may contribute with money but some of us contribute with our time, words, and effort.

Amounts for actions will vary and thus be provided as a reminder in each instance (e.g. Twitter giveaways, minting on the UNDRGRND marketplace). As UNDRGRND grows, these incentivized engagements to reward active community members will remain throughout the development of the project.

This will sustain an engaged community beyond the average hype cycle.

Tier 2: Personal Referral

A lot of us know each other.

Some of us don’t

We’re still figuring out what our role or the perception of us in this space. So we lurk and hesitate to introduce ourselves.

But, we all recognize genuine individuals with sincere motives. At the very least we like to believe in the good in others and allow them to prove us wrong later.

It’s why so many of us get burned, scammed, or feel hurt when the greed of web3 rears its ugly face in people we thought we knew.

To rebuild and recapture that idealistic hope I’ll be distributing tokens to those who I have grown to know over the past three years. Individuals I know who share the same values and ideas concerning community.

These will be colleagues, and acquaintances, but mostly friends.

However, I’ll request that they give their allotment away to their friends and people they trust. In return, they will receive 2x the amount they give away.

Here’s how this works:

  • NFTjoe will give Quitters 37,500 $GRND.

  • Quitters will give 5 friends 7,500 $GRND. (37,500 / 5 = 7,500)

  • Quitters will then receive 75,000 $GRND. (2 x 37,500 = 75,000)

  • Quitters can then give 15 friends 5,000 $GRND. (75,000 x 15 = 5,000)

  • Quitters will then receive 150,000 $GRND. (2 x 75,000 = 150,000)

  • 150,000 $GRND is the maximum one can receive from this method.

Instructions for this process will be provided for those who participate. Anyone who receives $GRND in this manner will have the same opportunity as the person they received it from. There will also be a Google Form to fill out with other opportunities to earn more $GRND.

This process will expand and take some time but I hope it will add a personal touch and reduce the competitive nature of launches like this.

I also hope it incentivizes others to get to know each other better so that more can participate. When I have met my web3 friends in person, I greet them with a hug. There’s a bond that I cannot describe to others outside of web3. I want the people around me to succeed with everything I build. Finding success alone would feel like failure and I know the friends I’ve made in web3 feel the same.

This is one way we can make that possible.

Tier 3: The Global Community

Despite my best attempts to be emotionally evolved I still have plenty of downfalls.

One of those downfalls is my jealousy of others who succeed in their project. It’s brief but that old-world way of thinking is so engrained into our emotional response.

I try to run towards things that make me uncomfortable. Supporting others as they grow and succeed while attempting to keep hope alive that my time will come makes me very uncomfortable; the fear, uncertainty, and doubt are tangible.

I’m sure everyone who is reading this has felt the same at one point.

There is enough room for all of our successes, though.

I enjoy sharing. I enjoy helping. I enjoy being open with my ideas and collaborating. Working with other communities and getting to know them while we each create our different visions for web3 has been the most rewarding experience. So $GRND will be given to community leaders for distribution.

Some of these communities (formal and informal) will include:

These communities and their members will help distribute $GRND to others in the same fashion as Tier 2 above but the initial amount will depend on the size of the community.

This also includes projects like Tez Vending Machine, $POLE, and others. These are just the communities and projects I know personally and have spoken with already. There are plenty more I intend to distribute $GRND, and I haven’t even mentioned PFP communities…yet.

We all serve different but necessary purposes in this space. We are not competitors, we just have different visions.

So this is the plan for the coming week and beyond.

There will be issues despite my obsessing over the infinite possible points of friction. If you have questions or concerns I’m happy to answer them in Discord.

Once this begins I will then turn my focus on sharing the utility for $GRND and the UNDRGRND DAO NFT Launch.

Then, this Friday, January 26, UNDRGND Twitter and Discord will be locked so everyone here will have the opportunity to participate in building the future of UNDRGRND.


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