The word passage has a wide variety of meanings. One of the more common is the route or course by which a person or thing passes or travels. When your path taken through a virtual art tour determines your art, the word becomes more than its definition.

Always looking to reinvent, Here & Now takes The Passage in a new innovative direction. Since the beginning Here & Now has brought about new ways for users to interact with NFTs and the digital art tour. With their 5th edition, The Passage, it feels as if they’re beginning to embark on the next chapter of their story.

Now partnering with f(x)hash for the latest edition, Here & Now brings the uniquely personal minting experience to a broader audience. The sale of the entry token will begin on February 13th, and, as always, the entry token is a work of art itself; this iteration was designed by Liam Egan.

The theme for this event revolves around The Pitch Drop Experiment, a long-term experiment which measures the flow of a piece of pitch over many years. It sits in an upside down funnel and is slowly falling, nobody has ever witnessed it dropping. Each artist featured in The Passage was asked to create work with this in mind.

The artists include 1mposter, Aleksandra Jovanić, Kesean, Karan4d, Victor Doval, Sasha Stiles, Daeinc, Sam Tsao, Jimena Buena Vida, William Watkins, Jeres, Ivona Tau.

These 12 generative artists will create approximately 300 editions randomly distributed to participants based on their unique path through The Passage. The choices made by the participants will determine the traits, design and artist they receive.

With the theme of The Passage focused around time, it’s fitting that Here & Now is also thinking about the future. Those who purchase and burn 3 entry tokens will receive what H&N called Portals.

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Visit Discord / Website for detailed info (in bio)

— Beets - HERE & NOW (@WideawakeBeets) February 8, 2023

With The Passage set to open multiple times a year going forward, the Portals will serve as a lifetime entry pass for future events. It will also serve as an exclusive NFT for utilities and minting experiences for these future events.

We constantly hear of the potential the metaverse can bring to our digital lives. Here & Now has been one of the few projects delivering on that potential in the early days of web3. Each of these events has provided something new for everyone involved. This fifth edition is on track to be no different.


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