MARCH 17TH, 2022

PHOTOGRAPHY WITH AN EDGE is a periodical feature showcasing NFT artists working with photographic practices that defy or challenge the common definition of a photograph. We are here to explore and celebrate these more exotic forms of photography and the free mixture of old and new, art and science, analog and digital employed in the exploration of the limits and possibilities of light, chemistry, and bits. 

Gisel is a veteran photographer in both the analog and the digital realm, as well as the realm of NFTs. A co-founder of WOCA (Women of Crypto Art), she was an OG before OG was a thing, but her work is as fresh and full of possibilities as a spring lamb. Though the breath of her portfolio is staggering, I am especially drawn to her work with long exposures, intentional camera movement, and light. From the moment she stepped into Times Square, camera in hand, to pursue an idea born in the moment between sleeping and waking, she has completely owned the approach.


In her own words, the transmission of light has become the cornerstone of her photographic practice. “The millisecond of time following a curious moment, has expanded into a lifelong pursuit.” Ever exploratory, ever receptive, ever pushing into new areas, the work has taken her into interactive video, artificial intelligence, generative art, innovative pairings of poetry and art, and the metaverse.


Her latest series stems from a move from the city to a more rural landscape where she can enjoy the full transit from moonrise to moonset. A long standing personal relationship with the queen of the night sky has consequently become deeper and enriched, and inspired new work to be released soon. I recently had the pleasure of a free-wheeling conversation with Gisel in which she talked about this new work as well as her journey as an artist.

Can you describe your process?

My most cohesive body of work is my Transmission of Light series.  I suppose it is the closest to a process that I have.  In 2019, in the moment right before waking up, I had something akin to a dream and I knew that I had to go to Times Square - to where there were the most LED lights available and explore the language and energy of light.  I was into still life photography at the time, both as a passion and commercially, though my work was anything but still, and I was intrigued by something that showed up in my images occasionally.  There was something mysterious within light.  With that dream, I knew it was time to fully explore that mystery.  So I lugged my camera into Times Square and simply began playing off the energy of the place.  Using a slow shutter speed and experimenting with all the manual settings of my camera, I began a sort of dance, spinning and turning.  It was a transformative moment that has driven much of my work since.

What prompted you to expand your work into the NFT realm?

I was led into the blockchain by observing what my son (about 6-7yrs old) was doing in his video games. One game, Animal Jam, was letting him create digital assets, paint artwork tokens in-game, display all in his den & invite other players to trade with him. It was very similar to the art salons my husband was hosting at our Williamsburg studio, “WallSpace”, inviting our NYC artist network to monthly exhibitions & live performances and growing new conversations centered on art. So, it was the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, and I started on this search to see if digital assets could be linked within the real world - without the constraints of in-game. I discovered that the answer was, “yes”, when I found & read a pre-release of The Spatial Web. It was mind bending and I ate it all up! From there, I found the first few episodes of the OG podcast, Matthew and Rizzle Show. I heard them speak of a new platform called SuperRare and checked it out. It was the first NFT platform that I had seen that seemed right for my work w/large image spaces & clean visuals. I contacted them, they patiently onboarded me, and I became obsessed - I couldn’t stop. The volatility of value has become the most fascinating addition to this journey. Three years diving into the depths of blockchain & my art has become influenced & infatuated by light that infiltrates the chain with new energy.

IceCreamGallery ”Wallspace” NYG 2019

Where do you look for inspiration?

I feel like the work I am doing today is deeply inspired by an oil painting I did at thirteen.  It was a realistic recreation, something at the time I was trying to master, of a scientific illustration of atoms and electrons from National Geographic.  The illustration played into my enduring interest in science and the unknown - anything which we cannot see. I realize now it represented all that I wanted to do, to use art as a tool of exploration. I took those early representational skills and went off to college with the intent of learning to make something beyond just “pretty”.  There I began to find ways to deeper explore symbolic communication.  In fact, one of the most meaningful projects I remember was creating symbols for elements of our humanity, a way to define moments or habits of our existence.  The work, when presented to others, was not well understood so I buried the idea, but never fully forgot about the search.  Lately, it has worked its way back to the surface of my thoughts and will most likely find its way into the series I am working on now.

Where do you expect your work to take you in the next year?

I have several exciting things in the works.  First, I have become the Art Advisor for  The work the founders are doing to bring language art into the NFT space is very inspiring.  They are such a talented group of women, I’m delighted to help them expand their voices & build new enrichment. 

Second, I was able to acquire the genesis MOCA floor! I was determined that this first museum floor would be collected by a woman during these times of change! Currently I’m working with their architect, UntitledXYZ_, to manifest the genesis space as I prepare new collections to be housed there.  MoonBulbs & MoonTags are new works both dreamlike in communication with the moon, interpreted through the art of photography & digital means.  This past year the moon spoke with me & helped me through a huge transition in my life of physically moving locations. It sounds wild but, I would say she actually told me when it was time to move.  In the city, I spent a lot of time on the roof trying to sense this connection.  Now out in the forest, that relationship has grown into a visual moon language.  Its presence has always been with me, yet now I have been able to visually unlock its connection.


Where can people find your work?

I am on twitter at@GiselFlorez. You can also find these new series soon to premier on and


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