Every Day is an Adventure by plum_rich

JANUARY 12TH, 2022

Plum_rich’s work usually is a refreshing purple to the eye and the soul. His artwork usually takes me through various cosmic landscapes and vistas. His choice of colour and gradients brings restoring tones to the eye and the soul, bringing you into peace and calm.

Exuberant Waves of Color by plum_rich

His use of great techniques, like depth of field in the Exuberant Waves of Colour instantly pulls focus to the middle of the waves, where there is a crest and a trough of a wave just sitting there in brilliant soft focus. When your gaze starts to go towards the edges of the image, they start blurring, in the same way if you were looking at yourself trough a mirror, in meditation.

Just like Alan Watts, says you can’t have black without white and Yin without Yang the same way you can’t have a wave that doesn’t have a crest and a trough.

These waves blurs the lines between crests and trough in a brilliant way.

Without much description attached to them, Plum’s work is very enigmatic, and stays with you even when you look away from it.

What waves are they? Radio waves, light waves, quantum waves, as in particles/wave? He leaves that up to us, the viewer

Hyperspace by plum_rich

Hyperspace is another piece created by Plum, and this one moves! It’s animated. Sitting between the cross of a vortex, a TV signal, a gravitational pull, and a data stream falls HyperSpace. Maybe that’s what Hyperspace is, a stream of consciousness from one point into the other, or maybe one human to the other, or maybe even soul. It is very exciting and mesmerizing to see animated works done by Plum in celebration of Hic Et Nunc getting to 500k OBJTKs (which has since died and resurrected by the community). Maybe that’s what the hyperspace and stream of consciousness is illustrating, even though this piece was made before the fall of HEN, might Plum have seen this and created this piece in retrocausality? We shall never know.

Rise by plum_rich


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