Freudian Dip

JANUARY 21ST, 2021

Each month artists are commissioned for a piece of art through the UNDRGRND Grant program. 100 NFTs are minted and are randomly airdropped to UNDRGRND Membership Cardholders. Proceeds from secondary sales go towards future UNDRGRND Grant recipients. To find out how you can be featured as an UNDRGRND Artist check out our Discord. 

Cut. Paste. Move this. Change that. Piece from here. Piece from there.

A purposefully chosen name, Aspect Articulated, ironically represents multiple facets of the artist.

While the artwork may communicate (articulate) just a piece (aspect) of his view it also speaks to the type of art that he creates. Taking multiple pieces from other works to create a new collage and make thoughtful pieces conveying an aspect of an artist’s idea the name could also be a representation of his style of work; like a teenager in the 90s cutting out magazines and piecing together their favorite images.

Touchy Touch Feely

The physical image is also just one aspect of the art itself. Thoughtful and complex the work is literally and figuratively layered. It would be a mistake to dismiss some of the more explicit pieces as just that. The work forces the viewer to reflect on themselves and why they are drawn to his art: the simple sexualization of nudity or the pushing of boundaries against conservative censorship?

From an artist who has moved multiple times in his childhood taking in different pieces from each residence and never feeling quite at home or part of a community, the name chosen is fitting along with the style.

Multiple pieces make up a whole that is nuanced, something that is being lost in a technological age of hot-takes and over-corrections. Taking time to appreciate an originally static and low-tech art form like collaging is also a statement in the fast-pace of the technological age.

Give Aspect Articulated’s work the same time and thought that they put into their craft that has given them a home among other talented artists.

Makin’ it rain


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