Lions Gate New Moon

MARCH 17TH, 2022

Each week artists are commissioned for a piece of art through the UNDRGRND Grant Program. 100 NFTs are minted and are randomly airdropped to UNDRGRND Membership Cardholders. To find out how you can be featured as an UNDRGRND Artist check out our Discord. 

In the slew of social media influencers posing as imitation cosmic interpreters lies an artist with wisdom and experiences that have led her to create surreal scenes of tenderness depicting women in soft clothing, passing through serene settings bathed in moonlight.

Midnight Moon Visuals (Kirsten) understands that to achieve happiness, toxic positivity and "good vibes only" require the opposite energy; to appreciate the sweet, you need to taste the sour.

Moon Whispers

In the age of social media, the bombarding of images, cliches and mantras designed to encourage us to be our best selves can have the inverse effect. The cynical see these and write-off those messages as a false hope and insincere. The vapidness of the words begins to transfer to the individual saying them. Happiness needs a foundation in reality, or it becomes toxic.

Kirsten's various works, and the women she depicts, all appear as if they come from a place of healing and nurturing or in meditation to refocus one's spirit. Each piece could be, and some are, set to ambient meditation music. And it would be easy to stop and leave the analysis of her work there.

But, healing cannot occur without pain and Kirsten understands that and speaks to it in her work.

Taurus Season

In Pisces, a woman floats just below the surface. While the scene captures the familiar themes of Kirsten's work, this hints at something more complex. The woman cannot breathe but appears at peace, finding nourishment in the moonlight and the changing tides of the water. So while unable to fill herself with the oxygen she needs to live, her spirit remains fulfilled.


Perhaps saying less is more in the case of her work. There is a constant throughout her work - a feeling and a mindset. We may not have the proper words to convey the feelings depicted, but all understand and have experienced these feelings. They are moments of magic, peak experiences, an essence so many strive to capture as authentic but cannot because they are disingenuous and attempt to reject the necessary pain and loss to appreciate and achieve true happiness.

The best compliment to give Midnight Moon Visuals is that she is genuine, and her work is an extension of that purity of soul.


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