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Unlock Expands Crossmint Credit Card Support

The Unlock checkout process now supports expanded card payments through Crossmint.

The Unlock Labs team continues to expand its capabilities around buying tickets and memberships and bringing them onchain! The updated checkout capability supports a wide variety of features, including third party wallet support for Privy, Magic, and others; the ability to collect member information during the checkout process such as email addresses and other metadata; as well as multiple payment options including credit cards.

Unlock's checkout process previously supported credit card integration via Stripe, and enabled organizations and projects to receive payments via their Stripe accounts. For projects including CabinDAO, Dirt, and Best Dish Ever, this approach has served them well.

For other projects, especially highly decentralized ones such as Forta, this presented a unique challenge. As a DAO, Forta did not have a bank account, nor did it have have a way to connect to Stripe to process fiat payments. Forta needed a way to receive payment on their smart contract for their customers who paid with credit cards.

Enter Crossmint. Crossmint is the leading NFT checkout solution for "collectible" NFTs. Recently, Crossmint has added support for Unlock Protocol powered memberships, and we added them as an option to the Unlock Checkout!

Crossmint's implementation approach is different from the approach required for Stripe. Crossmint is able to collect card payments, but also uses this payment to perform an onchain payment for this membership NFT. This means that the lock managers are collecting the payment on their own smart contract, instead into a Stripe account.

We're very excited to partner with Crossmint and we can't wait to see more event organizers, media organizations, and other creators use it on their membership contracts. If you want to easily set-up Crossmint for your Unlock contract, follow this guide.

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