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Unlock Labs Feature Announcement: Multiple Passwords and Password Usage Caps

Multiple passwords and password usage caps are now available in Unlock Labs apps.

Last year, Unlock Labs introduced a hook that can be used to require users to submit a password before they can purchase and mint an NFT membership or ticket. This popular feature just received two new additions: the ability to add multiple passwords for an individual smart contract, and the ability to add a cap for the maximum number of uses of each password associated with a particular smart contract.

Event organizers often want to restrict who can mint a ticket and attend their events. When setting up their event with Unlock Events, they can add onchain passwords, making it impossible to mint a ticket without entering a valid password.

The Unlock-powered membership smart contract rejects any transaction that is not submitted with a proof that the user knows the password.

By using passwords checked at mint-time by a smart contract, it is not possible to bypass the password by using another front-end or another mechanism to send the transaction.

There are a number of use cases where event organizers and other creators want to set multiple passwords that they can share with different groups or individuals. Oftentimes, this request is paired with a related feature request to set a “cap” on the number of times any particular password can be used. (For example, an organizer may give a password for access to a special VIP ticket tier to a particular sponsor and their guests.)

Together, these features give organizers increased peace of mind in the situation where a prospective attendee or other individual “leaks” a password online. This helps to reduce the risk of a situation where a single password could spread beyond its intended context.

These features are now fully supported on the Unlock checkout through password hooks.

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