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Unlock Labs Feature Announcement: Social Graph Integration for Events

EVENTS by Unlock Labs now integrates with Farcaster and Lens Protocol

One of the major benefits of ticketing events onchain is having a way to reliably verify who is hosting and attending the event — and now you can!

EVENTS by Unlock Labs now includes social cues that connect an event, its organizers, and its attendees by way of integration with both Farcaster and Lens Protocol profiles. Wallet addresses of organizers and attendees that match existing, public profiles will automatically pull in profile names and avatars.

The integration of the social graph with EVENTS by Unlock Labs brings significant benefits for event organizers. It can enhance trust in the event itself, as potential attendees are able to verify the credibility of the hosts and other participants.

Additionally, since event tickets are onchain, when attendees mint their event tickets, that action can be shared through networks like Farcaster and Lens, creating additional exposure for the event. This not only enhances the community feel but also helps attract a wider audience for current and future events.

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